A few days ago, I cashed out some of my profits to buy an iPad mini, and finally it has arrived!!! I was actually expecting it tomorrow, so this was a pleasant surprise. #applefan

Although it has only been a few days into the new year, our hands-free strategy has already unearthed several good trades, allowing us to cash out some and ride the profits further.

This year, to test out the hands-free strategy, I will be taking quite a number of trips (for work and holidays), and I will continue trading and sharing in the Synapse Network. This will be perfect for those who have a day job and are trading part time, because they cannot possibly be watching the minutes or seconds chart all the time.

Let’s keep up the momentum, and make more Ang Bao money before CNY! Huat Ah! 🙂

2014-01-08 17.21.07

2014-01-08 17.15.00

2014-01-08 17.09.04

eurusd 080114 screenshot

2014-01-06 13.51.01

2014-01-06 14.39.28

Some quick forex updates from the Synapse Network:

  • We took some shorts last week, but got stopped out (thankfully before the large spike).
  • We also went long on the GBP/USD, and this has fared much better, so we are holding on to ride the boat.
  • We are also holding long in USD/JPY, but that I will save for another separate post.

eurusd 281213 screenshot

gbpusd 281213 screenshot

Last week, on Thursday at our LIVE market outlook, I gave the participants many useful tips to trade on, and here are some of them, including both stocks and forex.

Before that, here are some of the past few posts about commodity counters that we have been bullish on. They have continued to move higher.

Here is the last post on Super Group, after we posted its breakout.

rank scan 071113 swing stocks

^sti 061113On Friday, after sharing this chart on Thursday and calling to go short during the session, true enough the market collapse on Friday, with the STI closing down 25 points. There might be some rebound due to the US strong closing on Friday, but overall I am not optimistic.

5ux 071113This chart of Oxley was shared during our session, and it has surged up over 15% since then. Kudos who those who went long.

bn4 071113Keppel continued its uptrend on Friday, up another +0.83%.

bs6 071113YangZiJiang – Still not moving yet, but keep an eye on it. Very promising.

eurusd 071113

audusd 071113

Besides stocks, I also talked about my massive open short positions on the EUR/USD and AUD/USD , and on Thursday night and Friday night, both came crashing down over 200+ pips. It was a great way to end the week, and I will follow-up the step-by-step analysis of these in a subsequent post.

complete mentoring program

We also talked about the launch of our new course syllabus for the training program, those who are interested can drop us an email to see if there are still available slots.

If you are interested to attend a free LIVE market outlook such as this, and don’t want to miss out on the next one, you should start reserving your seats now.

A swift spike down on the EUR/USD once it reached the key supply zone, triggered by the price behaviour. This was an excellent chance for all to short, although there was no good pullback to stack more positions.

The subsequent move was strong and sharp, taking off 200 pips for a tidy profit.

eurusd 041113 screenshot

eurusd 041113

The EUR/USD has been pretty quiet for the past few days, hovering near the previous high and awaiting the delayed NFP.

I was monitoring it on the M15 timeframe, and although I missed the initial strong breakout, I waited patiently for a pullback which netted  a quick $520 USD  profit over the next few hours.

For my exit, I used the T=T profit-taking method to catch the end of the trending move. This coincided perfectly with the short-term top.

With such a strong move, it is likely for the momentum to carry on for the next few days. I will be watching for opportunities either way.

eurusd 221013