Having just returned from reservist, I did a quick review of all my trades and positions, and noticed some interesting observations.

1. USD/JPY hitting our TP
Firstly, the USD/JPY has finally hit 100, after my numerous previous post predicting this magnetic number, and calling for a buy. This is a good milestone to take some profits off the table.


usdjpy 130513 h4

2. Breakout on the STI and other Blue Chips
There have been breakouts on the Straits Times Index and other bluechips, fortunately we saw it coming and were able to take long positions before the breakouts started.

o32 130513

STI 130513

3. Croesus Retail Trust IPO
This IPO was a surprise windfall for many of us, and personally I’m not a big fan of IPOs, since I don’t have much time to research, but fortunately we were tipped off by one of our trainers. This was a good punt, netting us a quick 20% profit in a single day.

s6nu 130513

s6nu 130513 2