Some people have been thinking that nothing can bring the stock market down, because it has been steadily chugging up despite all the negative news of virus, lockdowns, unemployment, trade wars, and now riots.

So can the market continue to climb up forever? What will it take to actually bring the market down?

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Market Overview

The strong bullish trending markets are Gold (XAU/USD), Nasdaq (NASUSD), and the US 10-year T-Note Futures (TNOTEUSD), which have been trending for quite a while, and our positions there have remained largely unchanged.

The most bearish market is the Hang Seng (H33HKD), which is not surprisingly since China is planning to enact more stringent national security laws, which will likely negatively impact Hong Kong’s financial markets.


Major Events

This has been a very eventful year so far, with the virus outbreaks, quarantines, job market crashing, and now the slow re-opening of the economy.

Amidst all that, the amazing thing is that the stock market is recovering much faster than the economy.

And now, tensions between US and China are stepping up, with China’s latest actions on HK and corresponding US retaliation, adding to the accusations of China covering up the virus at the start of the outbreak.

And in the US, we are seeing riots and looting, after a white cop killed a black guy in broad daylight during arrest.


US Stock Markets

The US stock market, especially the NASDAQ, has been on steroids, thanks to the dominance of tech stocks.

In my private forum with my students, I shared a detailed analysis of the S&P 500.


Trade Highlights

Here are some highlights and case studies of trades done on forex, commodities and CFD products, also taken from our private forum.

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For the past 2 months, the Covid-19 virus (Wuhan virus, Coronavirus) which originated in China was highly contagious, but it managed to remain mostly in China, hence the global community as a whole did not seem that worred about it, as seem by how the Us markets continued to run up.

However, it now seems that the virus is speaking to other countries quickly, with outbreaks in South Korea, Italy, and the Middle East (Iran), sparking fears that this might go out of hand and create a global pandemic.

Spread of the Covid-19 Virus

As we can see from the map, the virus has spread to most of the developed economies, thankfully sparing Africa and South America.

It would be disastrous if the virus did get there, as they are battling many other problems and other diseases (eg. Ebola).

The cases are still growing daily at an alarming rate, but at least it is no longer exponential.

The risk, however, is that clusters of outbreaks in various parts of the world might cause another exponential spike in cases.


Bearishness in Aussie Dollar (AUD)

Safe haven assets like Gold, Bitcoin and USD have been strong, while currencies like NZD, EUR and AUD have weakened the most.


Here are some of the recent analysis and trades of AUD/USD and AUD/CAD:


Gold as a Hedge Against Stock Declines

Gold is a good hedge against a crash in the stock market, because it is viewed as a safe haven asset, especially when the crash is happening.

Since the stock market is at all time highs, we have advised our students to add Gold to their investment portfolio.

Gold has since rallied strongly, and will likely continue to outperform.


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