Here are some of our recent forex trades, taken from our private signals channel for our students.

Trading Advice

One of the easiest ways to make money is to ride a strong trend, so once you find a good trend, make sure you take full advantage of it, instead of trying to look for counter-trend trades which have a lower probability.


“As I said in my teachings, always go for the easiest trades, don’t be a hero.”


Forex Trade on AUD/CHF

This is how the whole AUD/CHF trade played out, starting from it’s triple top reversal to the subsequent long downtrend we traded.

Forex Trade on AUD/USD

This is one of the trades contributed by a member in our private student chatgroup, and I also shared this trade during my SkillsFuture training.

It is a perfect textbook example of the head and shoulders reversal pattern.

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