Swing Trading Strategies | Gold – The Big Plunge for $4.5k Tip-off

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Here are some snippets from our private discussion forum for graduates.

Yesterday we saw that Gold was poised for another big move down, and I was also alerted by one of my new students. By sharing my positions, it makes it easier for everyone to capture these great opportunities too. This move down may not seem large on the daily chart, but it is about $4,500 profits for one standard lot. As a mentor, seeing my students succeed is more satisfying than simply making money on my own account, because it gives me more confirmation of my methods.

As a trader, you always need to be ready to catch the big moves, because these are the ones that make you money. This is the result of combining your time, capital and skill – the 3 essentials we shared in our last seminar. Gambling and punting may make you some money in the short run if you’re lucky, but in the long run you will blow up your account, just like in a casino.

There will be more to come.

Xauusd 021013 Screenshot


Forex Positions 021013

Xauusd 021013

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      My real-time updates are posted in a private facebook group for my students; those are where i get my blog screenshots from.


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