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Recently, I conducted a training seminar for CMC clients, sharing how to read charts without using any indicators or special software. I taught them 3 simple techniques – EMAs, Market Phase & Visual Scan – which we later used to do analyse some stocks and indices together. This was a very decent turnout with over 50 participants. I might be conducting a session that is open to the public soon. When the time is right, I will out a notification to register via the mailing list.


“Something new, trainer is experienced.”
– Katherine (Finance Manager)

“The speaker is clear and steady in his presentation. Also experienced, knowledgeable and frank. [Real trading skills] are essential to grow one’s wealth, to manage risk, and to improve mental or psychology well-being.”
– Steve Soh (Investor)

“[This content] is something new, something extra from others. [Real trading skills] are essential to update ourselves and keep learning and familiarizing. Now I see the markets more in depth.”
– Lim Kian Chuan (10 years experience)

“Clean and simple. Good trainer.”
– Alvin Yu (Financial Associate)

What did you like best about this seminar? “Chart reading”.
How is the content different from what you have heard out there? “Very practical”
How does this change the way you see markets? “Learn the skill to analyse the markets and how to control.”
What are the key take-aways? “Time-tested setups.”
– Patrick Lim (3 years experience)

“This seminar taught me how to use different approach to trade, makes reading charts more simple and easy, such as using visual scan. This is different from those either use only FA, TA or software to promote their trading course.”
– Kok Cheng (Retired, 5 years experience)

“Speaker is sincere in sharing. Thanks!”
– Susie Lee (20+ years experience)

What did you like best about this seminar? “Practical”.
How is the content different from what you have heard out there? “Visual scans – just based on visual observations + feel of the market”
What are the key take-aways? “The 3 chart-reading techniques – EMA, market phase, visual scans.”
“[Real trading skills] enable us to handle actual market conditions.”
– Choy Kam Luen (3 years experience)

“This seminar has broaden/widen my view about markets. I learnt something new. This is different because it does not sell any formula or software. It is simple and effective. I learnt how to view charts from different perspectives. Spencer is a very good and honest guy.”
– Stanley Tan (Retiree, 10 years experience)

“The main difference from what I have heard out there is his experience in trading.”
– Edward (Retiree, 5 years experience)

“Good speaker. My key take-away is the visual colour scan.”
– Nathan (Sales, 3 years trading experience)

“This seminar has new concepts introduced. It is somewhat different from others out there, with a different approach to the market. There is good explanation of concepts.”
– Thomas Tung (5 years experience)

“Straight to the point. Using price action is different from what is out there. Helps to maximise profit. More control over the market. My key take-aways are the confidence and the strategies. Speaker speaks very clearly.”
– Clarence (Real estate agent, ERA)

“Good content. Heard concepts I have not heard elsewhere. No indicators are used by Spencer. He used “count” of colour + shadows to tell whether market is in which phase. [Real trading skills] are essential to increase chances of making profit and to reduce losses. Very well-spoken, content is delivered very clearly. Good content.”
– Lim Bee Tin (3 years experience)

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