Precision Trading | AUD/USD – Made Back Course Fee with 328 Pips Profit in One Trade

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As early as 24th October we started to prepare for this big trade, posting it in my blog and various forums, so that everyone can take this trade together and make some serious money. Let’s follow the journey of this exciting trade!


Audusd 131113One good trade is all you need!

2013 10 26 07.54.37Initiated multiple short positions, and adding on to my winning positions, just like the Jesse Livermore method.

2013 10 30 01.44.59
Manage trades with a tight stoploss, and let your profits run!

2013 11 11 17.37.57Took profits on some positions, and continued to trail my stoploss for a larger move.

Audusd 121113Total pips so far: +328 pips! Waiting for my last 0.2 lots to hit the final TP of 0.93.

2013 11 12 16.44.461After taking profit on most of my positions, this is the last remaining 0.20 of my standard lots. I queued to TP at 0.930, which was eventually hit.

This show that with precision and patience, small positions can add up to large profits!
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