Pre-elections QE3 Boost – How Sustainable?

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2012Sep SP 500

2012Sep Dow Jones Industrial

For the past few weeks, I have been rather bearish on the US indices, expecting them to stop the ascend at their respective key resistance levels. However, a major news catalyst (QE3) has changed all that. With the new tweak in money supply, and the added confidence (real or perceived is debatable), we could continue to see the market drift upwards till the elections in November. There is also likely to be “words of encouragement” by the leaders to prod the market in the right direction.

Hence, the reversal could instead occur at the next resistance levels, which would more likely coincide with the end of the elections. This is not a forecast, merely a guess. At this point, I would look to buy on a weak pullback, or be ready to short if I see a sudden strong breakdown of the bulls.

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