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Phillips CFD Synapse Trading Market Outlook Event

Part 1: Getting started with CFD Trading – Alice Lim, CFD Dealer

Want to learn how to ride the up and down trending markets and take opportunity of the market volatility? Come and join us for this introductory course and understand what is Shares CFD and Direct Market Access CFD.

Examples that show power of leverage and usage of shorting will be presented and discussed.

  • Why is CFD such a popular and useful trading instrument
  • How to trade CFDs
  • Examples of shorting and leverage will be shown
  • Types of CFD products available

Part 2: Behavioral Analysis & Market Outlook for Q3 and beyond – Spencer Li

As we enter Q3, we have seen many stock indices breaking new highs, and a broad market rise. Is this the start of the new wave, or the last burst of fire? Hear from Spencer Li, head trainer of Synapse Trading, shares his views on the market.

  • What should you be holding in your portoflio now?
  • Is this a good time to start buying or selling equities?
  • What are the best short-term trading opportunities?

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