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Are you ready to start 2016 with a bang? I know the stock markets haven’t really been kind to investors, but I’m not really worried about my investment portfolio, because I have a long-term plan and strategy, and I have built a systematic portfolio that can do well in any market condition.

Here is My Open Secret to Creating Financial Freedom:

  1. Learn how to build a portfolio that can do well in any market condition, so that you do not have to worry about the market ups-and-downs, then simply focus on adding more capital to grow this portfolio every month.
  2. Learn how to trade (with 15 minutes a day) so that you can generate cashflow every month to add to the portfolio to accelerate its compounding growth
  3. Stay disciplined and let it grow for 5-10 years to achieve financial freedom (it took me 7 years, but I’m sure you’ll do better since I started as a poor undergrad student)

To kickstart 2016, I will be conducting my first educational seminar next week, where I will be covering all these main points:

seminar highlights

I will be revealing for the first time in detail one of our 4 proprietary trading strategies which I use to trade 15 minutes a day, and in addition, I will also be sharing more details about my current portfolio, and how I expect it to perform in response to the market outlook for 2016.

Lastly, I will be sharing our NEW fund trading opportunity, where you can grow your portfolio even faster by making another source of income by trading part-time or full-time for a fund.

Seats are very limited since this is the first event of the year, and slots for the fund trading are based on a first-come, first-serve basis. See you there! 😀


Hi, Spencer here! 😀

After making my first million at 28, and trading & teaching across 60+ countries, I have consolidated my knowledge and experience to create the most comprehensive & practical guides for profitable trading, compiled from thousands of books, websites, courses, and interviews with professionals.

comment-img As a former professional trader in private equity and proprietary funds, I have over 15 years of market experience, and have been featured on more than 20 occasions in the media.
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