Weekly Market Wrap: Is this Finally a New Bull Market?

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Investors’ views on inflation, recession risk, and monetary policy were fickle throughout much of 2022.

Recently, a positive bias has emerged, reflected in the downward shift in interest rate expectations and upward move in securities prices since mid-October.

Investors appear to be interpreting economic data as evidence that a dovish pivot (Fed stopping interest rate hikes and possibly cutting them) is imminent.

Bad news (slowing job growth, dismal economic survey data, falling property values, negative real wage growth) is seen as good news when viewed through the lens of inflation and monetary policy.

But what is missing in this discussion is the real economy and what may have to happen to it for this market narrative to play out.

The dovish pivot narrative is driven by the expectation that U.S. inflation will continue to decline at a fairly rapid rate.

However, it’s also noteworthy that the Fed’s success in slowing inflation thus far has occurred while China, the world’s second-largest economy, has been hampered by pandemic-related restrictions.

The Fed is typically prone to keeping policy either too tight or too loose for too long.

Fed officials only have to look back at “the great inflation” of 1965 to 1982 to see what can happen when policy is loosened too quickly.

The market’s optimism could make it more likely that the Fed keeps tightening policy.

So, all things considered, the risk of over-tightening seems to be higher than the likelihood of a premature pivot.

What would cause the Fed to make a significant shift in policy?

Most likely a meaningful recession or market crisis – risks that aren’t being reflected in today’s earnings expectations or credit spreads.

Investors are focusing far more on what negative economic data means for interest rates than the potential implications for the real economy.

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For our weekly market wrap, we go through some of the trade calls and analysis from last week, which gives us valuable insights for the week ahead.

We cover 3 main markets with a total of 200+ counters, so we will never run out of trading opportunities:

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Weekly Market Outlook Video

Trading Signals Weekly Market Outlook 230123

Weekly Market Outlook (22 January 2023)

  • CNY week will see slow markets
  • Watch out for tech layoffs and earnings


Portfolio Highlights

Trading Signals Weekly Portfolio 230123 1

Weekly Portfolio Updates (22 January 2023)

Not much changes, since the market has not moved much.


Forex & Commodities Market Highlights

Trading Signals AUDCHF 210123

AUDCHF – Excellent short entry, and trade is now in the money. Can consider trailing SL to breakeven to reduce risk.


Trading Signals EURAUD 210123

EURAUD – Great entry near the support level, and the trade is now in the money. Can continue to hold for more profits since the trend is still bullish.


Trading Signals EURCHF 210123

EURCHF – Excellent entry near support, after pulling back from an ascending triangle breakout.


Trading Signals USDJPY 210123

USDJPY (H4 chart) – Congrats to those who managed catch this short!


Trading Signals XAUUSD 210123

Gold (XAUUSD) – Still going strong, after some small profit-taking. I have circled the previous buying/consolidation points.

Probably heading up to test the previous swing highs.


Trading Signals Periodic Table Of Commodities Returns 210123

The Periodic Table of Commodities Returns 2022


Stock & Bond Market Highlights

Trading Signals US500 210123

S&P 500 (US500) – The major trendline is back in play, after the recent rally failed to break past it.

If it takes out the previous swing low (~3750), then the bears will start stepping in full force and we will probably see new lows.

Now that we are more or less certain that inflation is coming down, the next major concern is slowing growth and worse company earnings.


Trading Signals SP500 Calendar Year Returns 210123

S&P 500 Calendar Year Returns: 1928-2022


Trading Signals Tech Layoff 210123

200,000+ laid off in tech since the beginning of 2022. And for no reason other than “everyone else is doing it”.

Tech workers need a union.


Crypto Market Highlights

Trading Signals BTCUSD 210123

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) – After an impressive rally the last few weeks, prices are now consolidating.

If prices can break out of the small bull flag, this could spark more buyers coming in and start an uptrend.

However, if volumes falter, then traders could end up taking the chance to dump their holdings on this rally.


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Good luck, and may next week bring more excellent profits!

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