Commodities Trading | My First Venture into Gold – Timing with Price Action

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Today, I tried out one of my setups on Gold, and it turned out pretty well too, catching a major move and shorting it just as the action was about to unfold. The funny thing, there was no news or obvious trigger, and I know this because I was keeping an eye on my Bloomberg terminal screen as I was watching the various charts on my other screens.

As you can see, no indicators were required, and you can actually tell a lot about how a stock or product is behaving by astute observation of its price behaviour.
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Recently, I also had a losing trade on the EUR/USD, which was partly due to me taking a pre-mature entry. Even after trading for so many years, it is still tempting sometimes to take a sub-optimal trade. Well, I guess I am human afterall.

For the next month, I will strive to maintain my high hitrate by being more selective in my trades. After a string of so many winning trades, it will be tempting to take impulsive trades out of greed. This is one of the 9 mental blocks that new traders will face as they start out on their journey.

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