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If you are totally new to trading, or are not keen to trade your own accounts, you can consider the option of social trading (also known as copy trading), where you allow your trading account to automatically copy trades from professional traders.

Whatever returns they make in their account, the same trades and returns will be reflected in your account as well.

And the best part is that once you set it up (takes 15 mins at most), it is 100% passive, and does not require any time or effort on your side.

Keen to find out more? Here are the details:


What is MerlionGlobal?

MerlionGlobal (XAU Merlion, MerlionFX) is the brokerage company which provides the infrastructure and social trading platform to execute the trades.

They work with DymonFX, to provide trading services for their clients, by allowing their clients to copy trades from DymonFX.

Click here to check out their website or open an account.

Merlion Global Profile 1 Merlion Global Profile 2

What is DymonFX?

DymonFX is a proprietary trading company, which provides trading services for clients.

They are the ones who execute the trades, which automatically get copied into your trading account.

Dymonfx Profile

Click here to download full slides (pdf) about DymonFX 

Trading Methodology

DymonFX leverages on methodologies and technologies to collect, organize and process a variant of large, diverse (structured and unstructured) complex sets of data, while predictive analytics are done on these data sets to find patterns and create profitable executions.

The strategy focuses on scalping Forex pairs on trading hours of the day. It takes advantage of the daily price action movement.

The objective is not to make an enormous profit with each individual trade, but rather to make a small profit over multiple trades.

It makes the trading style more manageable and helps to avoid the pitfall of not timing the peak properly and being overexposed and failing to take any profits.

Trades are executed (ENTRY) via AI and positions are managed (EXIT) by traders.

Trades can happen in a day when opportunities arise, however trades might not happen in the day if there’s no high win rate for any forex pairs.

Trading Results

Here are their verified results from myfxbook:

Dymonfx Results 1

Dymonfx Results 2 1

How to Get Started?

  1. Open a trading account using this link
  2. Join this Telegram chatgroup where their support staff can answer any of your questions
  3. Fund the account using either USD, SGD, USDT
    • Instructions for funding and withdrawals can be found in the same Telegram chatgroup
    • There are various options, including PayNow, GrabPay, credit card, etc
  4. Once your account is funded, simply head down to their website, click on “Social Trading”, and select “DymonFX” to follow.
  5. Start making monthly passive income!
  6. Bonus: You can refer other people to earn additional passive income!

Social Trading Dymonfx

Concluding Thoughts

The minimum to test it out is $1000, so the risk is not very high.

I have personally put in $20,000 to test it out, and the results have been consistent for the past few months.

But as with all investments, there is always a risk, so only put in what you can afford to lose, and remember to diversify your portfolio.

If you are keen to generate an additional source of passive income via this opportunity, you can check them out using this link:


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