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On Tuesday, I attended the Wolf of Wallstreet World Tour in Singapore at RWS Sentosa, and got the chance to meet Jordan Belford live at the event! It was an extremely huge crowd, and the air was buzzing with excitement.

The Wolf of SGX :p

The Wolf of SGX :p

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a photo with him as I had to leave early, but thankfully there were many great take-aways from his talk.

The Man of the Moment - Jordan Belford!

The Man of the Moment – Jordan Belford!

He started off by telling us that “getting rich is really easy – if you know how”, and backed this up by providing a roadmap of the inner and outer skillsets required to achieve this success and riches.

The Wolf of Wallstreet - World Tour

The Wolf of Wallstreet – World Tour

There are 2 types of people:

  1. Reasons people
    These people do not like to take action, and tell themselves a narrative (excuses) that holds them back. They have limiting beliefs which they use to rationalize their lack of action.
  2. Results people
    These are the people who seize opportunities, and get the shit done.

Which one are you?

Developing Multiple Steams of Income

Developing Multiple Steams of Income

If you want different results, then you also need to change what you are doing. You cannot possibly “jump then grow wings on the way down”, you have to develop your wings first.

Just like in trading, many people dive straight in immediately after opening their accounts, without first bothering to learn the essential skills. This typically results in a hard and painful landing.

What a huge crowd at RWS!

What a huge crowd at RWS!

He ended off with an analogy of how a strong plant needs to first spend time developing the roots, before you get to see any results above the surface. Many people give up because they do not see any immediate results.

Especially in trading, one needs to take the time to learn the proper skills instead of going for quick fix or a “get-rich quick” mentality. This is the reason why my company’s vision is Financial Freedom for Every Individual through Education”, because the first step is always quality education.

A big thanks to Success Resources for organising this event! I had a great time, and hope to see more of such events! 😀


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