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This morning, it was a gloomy and rainy morning, which made it rather challenging for my golf lesson. I didn’t have time to look at the markets, but I was confident of the positions I was holding.

After my golf lesson, I realised that most of my positions were already in the money. I decided to adjust my stops and trail my profits.

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Those who managed to make it to my sharing session on Tuesday must be really thankful now, since ALL 4 of my forex predictions were spot-on, and those who traded on it will surely be in the money now.


2013 09 05 16.50.12

2013 09 05 16.50.53

2013 09 05 16.51.37

2013 09 06 00.50.41

I decided to end off my day with the signature cake from Caffe Pralet; it was packed with dark choclate and a crunchy centre, and topped with a gold leaf. I am looking forward to more profits tomorrow, and glad that I have been able to help all my students make more winning trades and profits.

2013 09 05 19.50.38

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