Forex Trading | EUR/USD & USD/JPY – Reading the Price Behaviour

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Here are the latest updates on the forex scene, with 2 great trading opportunities presented below. As you can see, these charts are rather blank, because this way it is optimised for reading price behavior and price action, with as little distractions as possible.

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Eurusd 260813This is the daily chart of the EUR/USD, with an obvious 2B reversal near a key resistance zone. Watch for a good chance to short if the next push fails. Whoever spots the chance, please share in the private forum so that we can all catch this together! (just in case I miss it)

Usdjpy 260813 D1

 This is the daily chart of the USD/JPY. It is forming a clear triangle pattern, which is possibly a pennant on the weekly, hinting at a sign of strong upside breakout. Price is also compressed by the 2 key zones, building up additional pressure. A good breakout could come soon, so keep watching for the signal bar!

Usdjpy 220813Behavioral analysis of Forex – How to trade forex with price

Usdjpy Screenshot 150813Some intraday forex trades using forex strategies

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