Financial Freedom Roadmap

Infographic Financial Freedom Roadmap

Here is a simple roadmap of the skills you will need to acquire to reach financial freedom, in level of progression:

  1. Basic personal finance skills & concepts: spending, saving, insurance, planning, time value of money, etc
  2. How to build towards financial freedom: FIRE, compounding, critical mass, safe withdrawal rate, etc
  3. Long-term portfolio strategies: ROI, CAGR, drawdown, diversification, asset rotation, etc
  4. Short/medium-term trading strategies: technical analysis, price action, trading setups, etc
  5. Money & risk management: reward vs risk, capital management, position-sizing, etc
  6. Trading psychology & mastery: manage wins & losses, optimise execution, gain experience, etc
  7. Supercharge returns: advanced strategies, new asset classes, arbitrage opportunities, etc

As you join our community, think of it as a lifelong journey of learning and progression towards financial freedom, and as you progress further, the journey gets shorter and shorter, until one day you realise you have already reached your destination.

The most important thing is to have a roadmap and to take the first step.

Without the roadmap, you could be walking around in circles or walking in the opposite direction.

Without taking the first step, you will never move closer to your goal.

Put together, the roadmap ensures that you are getting closer to your goal day by day as you take each step.

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