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Tomorrow, I will be going starting my ICT (army reservist) as part of the advance party, hence I will be going in on Friday morning and will then spend the next 2 weeks there as well.

I have liquidated all my stock holdings, and I am only holding on to my EUR/USD longs, which I have been accumulating since it was 1.24. I am expecting a minimum target of 1.26, based on a rough pattern projection.

It could go much higher than that, I’ll see when I get back.

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  1. […] After the inverted H&S breakout, the EUR/USD has trended up strongly, going past my original first target of 1.26, and even reaching 1.28. From here, I am bullish in the medium-term, and will continue to trail my stops to maximise my profits. Prices may head down to test the head of of the inverted H&S before heading to make new highs, or it may just pullback to the area of the EMA. Either way, I am expecting bullishness. […]

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