Trading Signals Subscription Options:

Once your current membership has expired, you will be removed from the private Telegram chatgroup and private Telegram channel.

To ensure smooth continuity and to minimise hassle, we recommend you renew in advance, or keep the Paypal automated payment feature on, and only turn it off when you wish to cease your subscription.

After payment, make sure you send us your Telegram username, and if you are not added to both within 24 hours, please drop us an email, or a message on Telegram or FB. Thanks!

Quarterly Subscription


Quarterly Subscription Includes:

  • 3-months access to “Swing Trading Signals” private Telegram channel, where we post real-time market trade signals
  • 3-months access to “The Synapse Network” private Telegram chat group, where we discuss trading ideas
  • Comprehensive coverage of 42 products (including forex, stock indices, commodities, etc)
  • Daily trading opportunities – Receive 5-10 trading signals a day!
  • Join in the discussions and sharing of trades in our closely-knit community
  • Ask any questions you have and get almost instant replies from our members or Spencer himself

Annual Subscription


Annual Subscription Includes:

  • Same as the quarterly subscription, except that you get to save over 15%
  • Annual subscription is about $67/mth, compared to $79/mth on a quarterly basis
  • Subscription fee is easily covered from a handful of good trades

Lifetime Subscription


Lifetime Subscription Includes:

  • Receive all the benefits for a lifetime, including new updates and improvements to signals
  • Subscription fee is easily covered from a handful of excellent trades

If you are an active trader, you can take advantage of this special offer by the broker we are working with.

When you open an account, you will get the usual account opening promotions, such as cash and credit rebates, as well as SamCoins (when you trade), which you can use to exchange for cash.

But for a limited time, we are also having a special deal, where the broker is sponsoring up to 3 months of free signal renewals (retail price US$297) for the Synapse Network.

🔥 Maintain US$5000 in your trading account and trade 10 lots to receive 3 months of trading signals

🔥 Maintain US$2000 in your trading account and trade 5 lots to receive 1 month of trading signals

Those who already have accounts are also eligible. Just keep track of your trading volume, and once you hit the 5 or 10 lots, send me a screenshot and we will extend your subscription for free.

Open an account:

For any enquiries,
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