Weekly Market Wrap: Correction on Stocks & Crypto Markets

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Market Recap & Upcoming Week

Last week reflected on the Silicon Valley Bank collapse’s one-year anniversary, comparing its aftermath with the financial stability seen today.

In 1995, similar economic conditions led to a historic rally after a strategic Fed pivot to rate cuts, reminiscent of the current financial landscape.

With major central banks planning rate reductions, the comparison to the mid-’90s suggests a hopeful outcome for a similar soft landing, despite distinct macroeconomic backgrounds.

The Fed’s recent meeting underscored this optimism, leaving rates unchanged while signaling a forthcoming rate-cutting cycle, aiming for a softer policy rate by 2026.

This move was well-received, pushing markets to new highs amid easier financial conditions than when rate hikes began.

The focus on productivity as a driving force for growth and inflation control parallels the ’90s, yet with modern dynamics around AI’s potential impact.

While concerns of speculative bubbles loom, broader market participation and strong earnings suggest a healthier rally, with an eye on inflation as a possible disruptor to the anticipated soft landing.

This week, the financial markets are poised for a comprehensive assessment of the labor market, with a spotlight on the U.S. payroll report due Friday.

The report’s findings will offer crucial insights into employment trends, potentially influencing Federal Reserve policy decisions.

Additionally, the week is packed with Federal Reserve speakers, including notable appearances from San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly and Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee, whose comments will be closely analyzed for any shifts in monetary policy outlook.

Investors are also gearing up for earnings reports from a diverse group of companies, including Paychex, Dave & Buster’s Entertainment, Levi Strauss, and BlackBerry Limited, which could provide a deeper look into various sectors of the economy.

Furthermore, the release of purchasing managers index (PMI) reports on manufacturing and service sectors will offer valuable data on the state of economic activity, helping to shape market expectations for the coming months.

Daily Trading Signals (Highlights)

Trading Signals RDDT Part 1 020424
Trading Signals RDDT 020424

Reddit (RDDT) – Holding my short position which is in the money by 28% so far. 💪🏻🔥💰



Trading Signals URA Pt 1 080324
Trading Signals URA Pt 2 030424

Uranium ETF (URA) – Strong recovery and breakout today, with prices moving up +4.47% in one day! 💪🏻🔥💰


Cgc Daily Trading Signals 030424

Checking out some of the top-performing stocks over the past 20 days.

As expected, many are crypto-related, but strangely there are quite a few cannabis-related counters.

Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) – This cannabis stock is starting to move on high volume.


Stock picks from our members:

Trading Signals IR Part 1 260324
Trading Signals IR Part 2 260324

Ingersoll Rand (IR) – Very strong uptrend, and a recent breakout from a small rectangle pattern.

Since the trend is so strong, I think if you want to enter you can just enter any time and place a tight SL.



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