Weekly Market Wrap: Time to Buy Bonds?

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Last week, the stock market continued to fall, so we continued to hold onto our short positions. I am not sure how much more it will fall, so I will just use a trailing stoploss to lock in profits as it continues to fall.

We also decided to add some long-term bond positions, since bond prices have dropped significantly, and we profited from our shorts on the way down.

Crypto remains a wild card, so I am holding a small position (with lots of cash on the side to add more later on), while waiting for a clearer bullish sign to appear.

Overall, we are thankful our portfolio is positive for this year, given the many wild fluctuations in various markets. This is the importance of diversified portfolio allocation, and not putting all your eggs into one basket (one asset class).


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For our weekly market wrap, we go through some of the trade calls and analysis from last week, which gives us valuable insights for the week ahead.

We cover 3 main markets with a total of 200+ counters, so we will never run out of trading opportunities:

By covering a broad range of markets, we can focus our attention (and capital) on whichever market currently gives the best returns.

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Portfolio Highlights

Trading Signals Portfolio 200522

Portfolio updates:

? Still holding a lot of cash because now is the time to play safe and make small gains instead of swinging big.

? Overall still net long crypto and net short stocks, but started buying up growth stocks that have gone down the most.

? Decided to take a long position in bonds which is a bit contrarian since most people are expecting interest rates to go up and bonds to go lower. But I have already profited a lot from the move down from the top, so I am willing to start accumulating at this price.


Forex & Commodities Market Highlights

Trading Signals Commodities 200522

Wheat, corn, soybean, rapeseed and palm oil prices have rallied since Russia invaded Ukraine, with wheat and corn prices up around 60% and 30%, respectively, since the beginning of 2022.



Trading Signals WEAT 190522

Product: Commodity Index Fund
Name: Teucrium Wheat Fund
Ticker: WEAT
Exchange: NYSE

“The Fund is an actively managed, long only, diversified agricultural ETF that provides futures price exposure to corn, wheat, soybean, and sugar markets.”

Analysis: Looking at the long-term weekly charts, the ongoing war and inflation has driven prices up.

EP: $11 to $13
SL: $10
TP: $17+


Stock & Bond Market Highlights

Trading Signals Compare Stock Market 1 200522

Comparing all the stocks in my watchlist against the S&P 500. Thinking if I should start buying some of the worst performers to hold for the long run.


Trading Signals Compare Stock Market 200522

Comparing the various stock sectors within the US stock market, from top to bottom:

XLE = energy (+47.53%)
XLU = utilities
XLP = consumer staples
XLB = materials
XLV = healthcare
XLI = industrial
XLF = financial
US500 = S&P 500 (-18.13%)
XLRE = real estate
XLK = technology
XLC = communication services
XLY = consumer discretionary
XBI = biotech (-38.94%)


Trading Signals Stock Market Top Heavy 200522

Eight companies are to blame for nearly half the stock market’s decline this year—and the pain doesn’t end there.



Trading Signals TLT Bond ETF 190522

Product: Bond ETF
Name: ishares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF
Ticker: TLT
Exchange: NASDAQ

Analysis: Looking at the long-term weekly charts, it has dipped into the oversold area on the RSI, which suggests at least a medium-term rebound.

Further interest rate increases are generally bearish for bonds, but it is hard to say how much “predicted increase” has already been priced in.

EP: Current price
SL: $112
TP: $145+


Trading Signals Twitter 180522

Product: US Stock
Name: Twitter
Ticker: TWTR
Exchange: NYSE

Analysis: Keeping an eye on this to see if the deal goes through.

Price is in a downward sloping channel.

The original offer price was $54.20, making the current price about a 30% discount. (if the deal does go through and at the original price.)


Crypto Market Highlights


Trading Signals Best Yields Crypto 200522

Best yields in the crypto bear market




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Good luck, and may next week bring more excellent profits!

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