Now that the S&P 500 is at the crucial 200-day moving average level, will it be able to break though and make new highs? What are some of the bullish and bearish catalysts for the stock market going forward? Also, check out our Telegram poll (800+ votes) to see which direction people expect the market […]

As tech stocks continue to surge, while the S&P 500 and the general economy lags behind, it is important to select the right sectors and stocks to invest in. Also, as the US gradually opens its economy and talks of a new potential vaccine surfaces, will these be able to boost the V-shaped recovery of […]

As various countries started loosening the lockdown to save the flailing economy, we get news reports of new infections starting to surge. At the same time, we see multiple asset classes surging in the market, creating a stark contrasting reality. The big question is, which is leading and which is lagging? (Economy vs. Financial markets) […]

 There is a common fallacy amongst many investors that because you cannot time the exact market tops and market bottoms in the stock market, therefore you cannot time the market at all, and market timing should be avoided. This is simply not true. While it is impossible to buy at the exact market bottom […]

While the US economy looks to be slowly re-opening, we are seeing a lot of bearish news in the market. Will there be a 2nd wave of infections, and a 2nd wave of market sell-offs? Join our FREE Telegram channel for daily trading tips: 👉🏻 Market Overview Looking at the various markets, it looks like […]

Quite often, when we dive into the financial market, we find that there is simply too much market news. When we try to trade the news, we have no idea what is important or trivial, because we are so overloaded with information. This makes news trading quite an impossible task. To make matters worse, we […]

After seeing negative prices in Crude Oil futures, will oil prices stay depressed, or will they recover any time soon? With stock markets unclear, and the US dollar fluctuating wildly, is Gold a good long-term investment now? Join our FREE Telegram channel for daily trading tips: 👉🏻   Market Overview Looking at the “Daily Trend […]