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Noble (N21) – Is it time to short yet? | Technical Analysis | Singapore Stocks

Many people have emailed me saying that I have missed this rally because I was too bearish and not flexible, but it really depends on your strategy. My strategy is to take high probability “with trend” trades, and even if I am wrong a few times, catching a strong “with trend” move more than makes […]

Dow Jones Index (DJI) – intraday Elliot Wave counts | Technical Analysis | Stock Indices

I am not a big fan of Elliot wave, nor is it my area of specialty, but last night this chart pattern jumped right out at me from the charts. It was a glaring 5 waves up followed by a corrective abc equal size. What is even more interesting is a smaller abc within the […]

Self-Attribution Bias – Don’t Confuse Brains With a Bull Market!

Self- attribution bias (or self-serving attributional bias) refers to the tendency of individuals to ascribe their successes to innate aspects, such as talent or foresight, while more often blaming failures on outside influences, such as bad luck. There are actually two kinds of self-attribution bias, namely self-enhancing bias and self-protecting bias. Self-enhancing bias represents people’s […]

Review of US Indices – Dow Jones and S&P 500 | Technical Analysis | Stock Indices

  The latest headlines from Bloomberg proclaims, “Germany May be Ready to Surrender in Fight to Save Greece”. Once again, the attention has shifted to the Europe crisis, just after the anti-climax jobs and stimulus talks in the US. Looking at the weekly charts of the Dow Jones and S&P500, we see that both have […]

Simple chart-reading can tell you all you need to know

Leonardo Da Vinci once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Let’s take a moment to ponder that. This applies to research analysis as well. When you hear people talking about some sophisticated trading system or some flashy indicators or some complex wave projections, think again. It is more likely to be smoke and mirrors. […]