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With our unique 7 Step Formula and 4 Proprietary Trading Strategies, 15 minutes a day is all we need to start making consistent profits, and create a 2nd source of passive income. This is something that cannot be found in any books or websites, as it is based on real trading experience at the trading desk.

We are proud to announce that another batch of successful graduates have learnt the original 15 Minute System which reveals how professional traders time the market! Now it is time for them to put what they have learnt into practice, and start reaping profits from the market!

And once again, we have 100% positive reviews and a strong YES! when asked if they would recommend their friends and family.

Here at Synapse Trading, our goal is not to sell you some magical blackbox software, but to impart real professional trading skills which can stand the test of time and work under all market conditions. As the head trainer, I have traded professionally at private equity and proprietary funds, and I am an internationally certified CFTe under the IFTA. This is why I am the youngest professional trainer for SGX, helping to train both retail and seasoned traders.

We take special pride in our post-course support and training, with our ongoing monthly LIVE! market workshops, and daily discussions in our private forum, which is why most of our new students come from referrals from past graduates, and we have a long waiting list of people eager to join our exclusive network. Unfortunately, there is one of me, and I only have time to train a handful of new traders each quarter.

So the question is, will you be among the next batch of lucky traders to learn this unique skill?

Synapse Program 2016 Mar (8)

Q1 2016 Quarterly Training Feedback (Real Results from Real People!)

“Spencer has simplified important essential for trading. The money management knowledge has convince me that trading is not as risky as I perceived.” – Lim Siong Boon

“Very educational. Gives good insight and improves confidence of participants to go into trading safely.” – Larry

Very detailed and good explanation of concepts.” – Joseph Tan

“Lessons was interesting. Timeframe for the lesseons was just right. Very good for beginner.” – Samuel Sim, ITE Student

“The lessons are simple to understand and practical to apply almost immediately. Spencer keeps the lesson easy and simple to understand. He keeps the lesson journey positive and yet realistic to live environment.” – Alastair Chan, AIA Singapore Pte Ltd

“Pleasure to have great trainer, Spencer. He is friendly and kind! The course is conducted well, easy to understand and absorb. Greatly appreciate the platform Spencer build for us, it is not only a way for us to earn some $$, but also a great educational platform!” – Lee Yong Liang, Cameron SG

“Course is really good, Spencer did give a detailed explanation in his setups and the reasoning behind it. He is really patient in explaining the concepts as well.” – James

“Before attending this course, I find that I was just speculating the market and do not have much confidence. After the course, my confidence level boosted a lot and realised my past mistakes. The course definitely helped me in understanding the chart better.” – Garon Tan

“Great course, it sheds new light on existing concepts that have been quite common.” – Isaac Fok

Very structured and clear instruction.” – Neo J.M.

“Spencer’s course is very comprehensive and you will learn everything you need to start trading. He is also very friendly and approachable and will patiently answer all questions.” – Alston Wong

“This course really sheds light of what used to be a mess of candlestick patterns. Hopefully I can out these theories into practice successfully soon!” – Maple Cheng

“Materials were very useful and many real-life examples are shared.” – Toh Chuan Kai

“Spencer has help me to kickstart my trading journey by providing me with the fundamental of trading and price action.” – Gabriel Boey

“Spencer is very patient in answering questions.” – Ang Yong Quan

“The trainer is experienced and can answer our questions. More practice would be necessary for us to master these skills. Thank you!” – Lim YS, MOE

“Spencer I would say is very generous with his knowledge and as a new rookie, the course is a real opening for not only trading but it can be used for other types as well.” – Foo



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After making my first million at 28, and trading & teaching across 60+ countries, I have consolidated my knowledge and experience to create the most comprehensive & practical guides for profitable trading, compiled from thousands of books, websites, courses, and interviews with professionals.

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