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Free Trading WorkshopIn the stock market (and all other markets), the difference between a winning trade and a losing trade is the timing. You could be correct on the direction of a stock, but if you neglect the timing, you will either be entering too early (and subsequently be stopped out at a loss before you see the market take off), or you will be entering too late (missing the trade opportunity).

Hence, market timing is of utmost importance. Just like in the property market the mantra is “location, location, location”, in the stock market the mantra should be “timing, timing, timing”. How then, can one time the market accurately? You might be surprised to hear that the answer is NOT in complex flashy indicators and software.

The Art of Market Timing has been used by many successful traders since the start of speculation, and all they used were simply price quotes and a pencil, or blank charts on a computer. The “secret” of their success lies in deciphering and understanding the price movements in the chart.

One big clue I will drop is that timing is a function of price and psychology, and as the legendary stock trader Jesse Livermore put it, “the perfect psychological time just as the action is about to start.” We will be sharing how we use behavioral analysis to read the behavior and flow of the SM (smart money), and use simple behavioral patterns (BSBT) to time the market accurately:

  • Break – How to predict breakouts/breakdowns before they occur
  • Swing – How to capture the big price movements in the market
  • Bounce – Know when to cash out your profits before the Turn
  • Turn – How to pinpoint the market turning points

We will end off with some examples using real charts and stocks, and give our market forecast. We will also be sharing some of the stocks we are currently eyeing, and some on-the-spot analysis of stocks chosen by the audience. Here are some previous examples:


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