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Some club members who attend the course prefer not to listen to the “tips” in the forum, and instead actively look for the daily price behavior setups on their own. These are the one who will learn the fastest, and will soon attain consistency. Even if the lot size is small, it doesn’t matter because even if you only make $100-$200 per trade, 2-3 trades a day can add up to $3-4k. The key focus is consistency. Keep up the good work!


Hi, Spencer here! 😀

After making my first million at 28, and trading & teaching across 60+ countries, I have consolidated my knowledge and experience to create the most comprehensive & practical guides for profitable trading, compiled from thousands of books, websites, courses, and interviews with professionals.

comment-img As a former professional trader in private equity and proprietary funds, I have over 15 years of market experience, and have been featured on more than 20 occasions in the media.
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