… and AFTER

How did I predict the price behaviour and enter at the EXACT LOW of the turning point? How did I calculate my entry to such precision and time my entry just as the price was about to make a BIG move? This is a good example of behavioral analysis, used to decipher the minds of the BIG Boys. If you are interested to find out, I will be sharing more next year in my talks, and there are a lot of exciting events coming up next year, which I will be sending out to the mailing list soon.

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Behavioral Analysis Basics: The BIG Bounce
When the mark-up and mark-down campaigns are coming to an end, the BIG Boys will deliberately play up market emotions, triggering a strong climatic move to trap unsuspecting greedy or fearful traders, which the BIG Boys use to offload their positions and take profits. This creates a BIG snapback in the opposite direction as trapped traders cut losses and try to get out.


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