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Prior to the launch of the program, I ran it through some friends and volunteers to get their feedback, and this provided me idea on how to tweak and improve the program to cater to both complete newbies and experienced traders. For now, I have yet to release this program to the public.


“This course is an excellent introduction to mastering trend analysis. It is very easy to follow and with clear objectives. This makes reading charts very easy to understand, and I find it very useful. This is very likely the most value-for-money course out there which covers all of the essential strategies, and new ones created by Spencer!”
– Wenbin (Engineer, ST Aerospace)

“Spencer has always been a very brilliant person, and his skills at analysis and understanding of the market conditions have always impressed me. Up till today, I would still go to him with regards to finding out more in depth about the market situation and also the possible advice that he can provide me with. This has proven to be very useful in my trade of managing my client’s investment and how I help them to plan financially. His daily website updates have also aided me greatly by allowing me to have a better grasp of trading and how best to identify opportunities. I would definitely recommend giving this program a shot, and you will be amazed at the insights that you can gain from it.”
– Titus Yong (Financial Consultant, Finexis)

“I have been following the updates and analysis on the Synapse Trading website for a few years now, and I have found them to be very insightful, because they provide an interesting twist to classical technical analysis that is not found elsewhere. Spencer’s analysis is simple and powerful, and I look forward to the launch of his program to the public this year.”
– Larry Lau (Dealer, MayBank Kim Eng)

“Spencer is a very talented a friend of mine. He has shared with me a lot of trading tips which turned out to be really accurate, and his insights are spot-on. He has put in a great deal of effort into making this program to share his secrets, and i’m sure anyone who uses it will benefit greatly.”
– Karl Teo (SMU Student Managed Investment Fund)

“After learning about technical analysis, this is definitely a better and more rationale way to trade than using emotion or market sentiments alone. By understanding how to read charts, I now have a better insight to the markets, instead of just relying on tips and news. This is a great course, and I will recommend to friends definitely .”
– Lee Kiok Hwa (Property Manager, Newman & Goh)

“Spencer is one of the most passionate traders I have encountered. Besides devouring trading books to shore up his knowledge, Spencer has set up Synapse Trading, a website portal which aims to educate other traders like himself with news updates, research articles, commentaries and forums. His facebook fanpage has reached over 12,000 likes, indicating Synapse Trading’s presence within the trading fraternity. His much anticipated training program should be one to look out for in 2012.”
– Edwin Siew (Banking Professional)

“This program is indeed one-of-a-kind. The explanation is clear and pace is right, making it simple and easy to understand. There is no need to use complicated indicators or rely on scanning software. It is very good for those who are new and want to start from scratch to learn about trading and technical analysis.”
– Chin Hansheng (Singapore Press Holdings)

“When I first started trading, I tried to use the traditional methods like indicators and those things I read from websites and forums, but I still could not understand what was happening on the chart. Spencer’s daily updates have given me a new way to look at charts, and the best thing is, there are no indicators required at all. Through his teachings in the forum, I have learnt much from him, and I look forward to the Synapse Program – it is a rare chance to learn from a professional trader.”
– Maurice Wong (Accountant, Big 4)

“Driven by his strong interest in finance and economics, Spencer is very well-read in trading and his expertise is in technical analysis. With many years of trading experience, he has experimented with various trading strategies and developed a unique strategy. He is a practical person, straight to the point and capable of explaining complicated concepts in a simple way. I am glad that he is opening his teachings to the public.”
– Lee Cheah Chong (Ministry of Finance)

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After making my first million at 28, and trading & teaching across 60+ countries, I have consolidated my knowledge and experience to create the most comprehensive & practical guides for profitable trading, compiled from thousands of books, websites, courses, and interviews with professionals.

comment-img As a former professional trader in private equity and proprietary funds, I have over 15 years of market experience, and have been featured on more than 20 occasions in the media.
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