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Yesterday, I was invited to give another sharing session at City Index, this time I decided to showcase the speed and precise nature of our chart-reading technique, widely-known by the trading circle as Behavioral Analysis. This time, I shared the origins and mechanism behind this new science of chart analysis.

My apologies for those who didn’t manage to make it, because the maximum capacity of the place was 70 people, and I had to close the registration ahead of the event as I did not expect it to be filled so fast.

But fret not, for I will have another sharing session later this month for those who missed this, and I will be adding in something new and exciting, so that those who choose to attend again will get to learn something new. I see many familiar faces every time I give a seminar, and each time they learn something new, which is why they keep coming back for more.

In my mentoring program, I usually have quite a mix of newbies and professional traders. For this sharing session, I noticed we also had a few seasoned traders and even trainers from other training schools sitting in. This is not surprising, as there is always more to learn in the markets, which is why I believe it is very important to be humble and keeping improving myself.

There are only 5 seats left for this September intake, as I believe teaching is best in small classes, so I always limit my intake each quarter. If you miss up on this, you will have to wait till December for the next intake.

For those who signed up on the spot, you have already been added to the private forum, and you can start your trading journey. One new student already sent me his 2 recent trades, amounting to $1268 in just 2 trades, already covering half of his course fees. I believe he has made the effort to start using the forum, and has been reading up all the useful trading tips and articles I have written in the forum.

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