New Video: #AskSpencer Anything! – Episode 1

In this video, I answer some questions from one of my blog readers:

  • Is your current risk management at 1% or 2%?
  • Are you more of a swing trader or position trader?
  • What is your Stop Loss strategy and exit strategy?
  • Do you scale up your trades? I saw your video that you keep your open trades at 6%, so if your trades are at 6%, you totally stop trading? even if there is a good trade setup?

Trading Foundation Workshop – Back by Popular Demand!

Last Tuesday, due to popular demand, we conducted another intake of the “Trading Foundation Workshop”, and we were pleasantly surprised by the massive response. (We had to close registrations early due to space constraints.)

Thank you everyone for the support, and I am sure everyone had a very fruitful and content-packed learning session during the 3 hours of intensive training.

Once again, thanks for all the support, and we will continue to hold more events to promote the teaching of real and proper trading & investing skills to the public at affordable prices. Cheers! 😀