Trade Follow-up: Olam & Thai Beverage

Just a quick follow-up on some trades going on in the Synapse Network, with many strong breakouts occurring on commodity counters. This was our previous post on Olam:

We are glad that with our daily market alerts, our traders in the Synapse Network can easily identify the good trades and place their orders in a full minutes – this is what we mean by a hands-free system!

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y92 050314 thai beverage synapse network

synapse network 280214 market highlights

n21 050314 noble

synapse network 040314 market highlights

o32 050314 olam synapse network

o32 050314 olam


Top 3 Stock Picks for the Week Ahead – Noble, Ezion, SIA Engineering

The past week or so has been pretty boring, since prices were trapped in a narrow range of indecision and did not move much. This gave rise to the little black rectangle shown below. The red selling zone provides the next level of resistance.

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rank scan 291113 swing stocksOverview of the past week’s performance

5me 291113This is the daily chart of Ezion, giving a good buy signal after pulling back to the support zone which confluences with the 20-EMA. We can expect it to push for new highs.

n21 291113

This is the daily chart of Noble, having broken the long-term bearish trendline and making new highs. It recently cleared the resistance zone, so we can continue to ride the emotions and watch to enter on a pullback.

s59 291113

This is the daily chart of SIA Engineering, which looks like the start of bearish leg, giving us a good chance to initiated shorts should a setup arise. The reward/risk ratio is good for this trade.

On a sidenote, there are still many other interesting counters, such as Keppel Corp, HK Land, Thai Beverage, etc, which I will be covering in my free seminar like coming Wednesday. Unfortunately, it is already sold out, but you can sign up for the mailing list to get priority updates for any seminars next year in 2014.

How to Grow a Portfolio from $2k to $100k with 30min/day

Many people want the stability and consistency of passive income instead of having to punt daily for uncertain variable income, of which the latter brings to mind the poignant analogy of picking pennies in front of a steamroller.

Even when I go for a holiday or take the day off to play a round of golf, I do not have to worry about watching the screen the whole day to “catch” a small 3-min window of opportunity. Instead I reply on my strategy and confidence to hold my positions.

portfolio 271113

Looking at my personal portfolio, I may need to rebalance it soon, since this month my forex trading account has grown too big from the usd/jpy and aud/usd profits, compared to smaller gains from the sideways SG stock market. Most of the gains for the latter came from the prescient commodity stock calls.

audusd 261113

 Any product can be traded using behavioral analysis, because human behavior and psychology is universal across all markets. That is the power of reading charts from a psychological perspective.

n21 261113

Using our 3 buckets model, you can work on growing your portfolio too, using stocks or bonds or forex, or whatever suits your trading style.

The next step after achieving $100k is to work on growing a million-dollar portfolio, then a multi-million dollar portfolio. The sky’s the limit, and enjoy the journey!

Come join us to find out about this new higher level of hands-free trading, and take your whole understanding of the idea of trading to a new level, from treating it as a daily job to transforming it to a daily passive income output. I shall reveal more on that day how it can be done for you.

Last time, I checked, there were still 4 seats left:

SGX Singapore Stocks | Noble Group: The Next Commodity Counter to Fly ~

Recently, we have seen a run up in commodities, as flagged by my simple stock scanner, which is why my recent few posts have been about commodity counters.

Noble today tops the list with a +5.56% price surge, on 1.7x the average volume. This is a strong price movement, unfortunately it is also at a strong confluence of resistance. I would advise those who have not taken some profit at that zone to trail your stops closely.

051113 rank scan swing stocks

n21 061113

A Mixed Market – Turning the Risk On?


While most currencies exhibited a risk-on bullishness, the STI was experiencing intraday distribution (refer to top chart). This is in line with my forecast for the week, and I am expecting some profit-taking from the big players. My short call on Noble should be hitting its target soon, probably this week.

I started off the day with two big winners riding long on the EUR/USD and GBP/USD. I also wanted to short EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY, but a bullish spike when Spain requested for aid negated the setup. Instead, I shorted EUR/JPY after the spike. Let’s see how it turns out tomorrow.

Today, as I was looking through some of my previous trades, I realised that I could greatly improve my results by exiting trades once I knew they were wrong instead of waiting for them to hit my stoploss. Of course, this will require some judgment, but there are some simple guidelines which be easily applied. I will share more in my next seminar.