Daily Trade Alerts: China Aviation (SGX) – Students Made Profit of 9%!

Congrats to all those who took this trade from our “Daily Trade Alerts”, as price surged up by more than 10% within the next few days.

This setup was flagged out by our Synapse Stock Screener, and posted in the Synapse Network as well.

g92 220516 china aviation synapse network

g92 220516 china aviation
Stay tuned for more “Daily Trade Alerts”! 😀

Daily Trade Alerts: 141 Pips Profit on EUR/GBP (Forex) Trade before FOMC!

Yesterday, before the FOMC, we took profits on one of our trades, netting a whooping profit of 141 pips on the EUR/GBP.

Congrats to all those who took this trade!

daily trade alerts 190516

Daily Trade Alerts posted everyday on various products. Perfect for beginners to start making profits easily.

eurgbp 170516

eurgbp 170516 2

EG 190516


After placing the trade on my trading account, I immediately shared it across various platforms, such as the Synapse Network private forum etc. This is to enable everyone to follow how we do our trades.

2016-05-18 20.02.44

Getting ready to take our profits!!! $$$ 😀

Stay tuned for more “Daily Trade Alerts”!

Bearish Trade Setup: Gold on H4 Timeframe (Forex)

daily trade alerts 021115

After our last few trades, including a short position on the STI index, and a short position on the NZD/USD (which we closed and switched to long on a new setup – updated real-time), and tomorrow we are watching for a few new trades to enter.

One of our latest trading opportunity is a bearish trade setup on the H4 timeframe of Gold, which we have now converted to a risk-free trade by shifting our stoploss to breakeven. This means that even if the position goes against us, the maximum amount we can lose is our open profit, and not any of our precious trading capital.

gold trade 021115 synapse network

gold 021115

This coming Thursday, I will be doing a live demonstration on how I pick these trades, and reveal the latest trading opportunities. I will also be talking about the majors that affect the big moves in the market, and how you can build a portfolio that can do well in all market conditions, so that you do not have to worry about the stock market crashing.

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Straits Times Index (STI) – Precision Timing Trade Opportunity – Did You Short?

straits times index 301015

Yesterday we saw a great chance to take a precision timing short trade on the Straits Times Index (STI), and after it was triggered, we saw the STI collapse almost immediately, with a sharp plunge of 39 points.

It has now gone back to test the 3,000 crucial level, which we will observe carefully to decide whether to take our profits, or let the profits ride (if price breaks the support).

straits times index 301015 synapse network 2

straits times index 301015 synapse network 1


Here are some of our other open positions:

daily alerts and current open positions 301015


We have also taken several trades on forex and commodities, since the Singapore stock market has been rather tame in the past few weeks. By diversifying across different markets, we will always have regular trading opportunities to make money.

Next week, I will be going through all these open positions and trading opportunities in my new FREE seminar, as well as the strategies used for these trades.
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Bullish Trade Setup: Indofood Agri (SGX)

We have just taken a new trade together that I posted on my “Daily Trade Alerts & Open Positions”, which is a bullish setup on Indofood Agri.

Just a few days ago, we took a trade on Sinarmas Land, which is still open and in the money at the moment.

daily trade alerts 221015

5js 201015 indofood agri 2

The trade alert was posted on 20 October 2015 after the market closed, and entry was triggered the next day on 21 October 2015.

5js 201015 indofood agri

Trade parameters:

Entry price (EP): $0.565
Stoploss (SL): $0.530
Target profit (TP): $0.645
Reward/risk ratio (RR): 2.29

As you can see there are 3 more trade opportunities we are currently looking at:

  • Innovalues
  • Genting
  • Mapletree Commercial Trust

I will also be sharing some new trade opportunities at my new FREE workshop on 4th & 5th November (limited to 30 seats for each day), and what are the best long-term investments now to accumulate before they shoot up.
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