Online Mentoring Program (Only $397!)

This mentorship program is specially created for people who want to learn from Spencer, but do not have the time or resources to travel all the way to Singapore to attend Spencer’s quarterly live training programs. The learning materials and resources are extremely comprehensive, and cover every aspect of trading, from learning to practice to actual trading. It also includes extensive day-to-day support and a chat group where you can converse directly with Spencer.

  • The most value-for-money mentoring program

    • Extremely affordable at only US$397 (one-time fee) for a lifetime of learning
    • Receive lifetime support, and learn until you become profitable!
  • Full access to "Synapse Online Academy"

    • Access to all Premium Content in the “Synapse Online Academy”
    • Exclusive videos that go more in-depth into the various topics
  • Weekly Trade Plan

    • Before the market opens on Monday, you will be fully prepared to look out for the best opportunities
    • Covers a wide range of markets, including forex (80%), stocks, crypto, indices, commodities, etc
  • Portfolio Updates

    • Get exclusive insights into Spencer’s personal investment portfolio
    • For those building a long-term portfolio, this will be a useful template to work on
  • Private Chat Group (Telegram)

    • Get real-time exclusive trade signals with detailed analysis
    • Meet & discuss trade ideas with like-minded individuals
    • Get instant answers for any questions you have!

The workshops, webinars and online self-study courses provide hours of knowledge-based training covering almost every topic of trading & investing (basics, strategies, products), while the chat group provides a learning platform for discussion and to ask questions, while the weekly trade plan and daily signals provides practical trades to start making some money while learning.

All these, in essence, is trading & investing made simple, perfect for the beginner/intermediate trader to start building their wealth with 15 minutes a day.