Would you like detailed analysis and trading signals delivered directly to your mobile devices daily?

Our premium signals (with an established track record) are provided by one of our partners, CryptoJH, who has made over 100x returns on his Crypto investments to date, and is currently an advisor for several ICOs.

The current price of the signals is 0.08 BTC for a lifetime subscription.

For our partnership, we are offering a special 10% discount, on top of any other discounts.

Price after discount: 0.08*90% = 0.072 BTC
(If there is any other discount, just deduct 10% from the final price)

Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet Address for Payment:

After making payment, contact us via email/whatsapp and send us your Telegram ID, and we will proceed to add you to the “Premium Signals” group.

If you would like to try it out first, you can check out these free groups:
https://t.me/CryptoAnalysisTM – Free Telegram group with over 17,000 members
https://t.me/CryptoTestimonial – Results and track record from the signals