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5 Practical Tips on How to Trade on the Go (With 15 Minutes a Day)

After trading and travelling to 48 countries across the world, I realised that it is actually not very difficult to trade on the go, since in most countries you can get wifi or buy a data plan, so as long you have your mobile phone, you can easily place trades as you move along.

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Here are some useful and practical tips I have picked up along the way:


This is a no-brainer, as the last you want is to be left handing with no internet after entering some trades, and not being able to input your stoploss and targets. Don’t forget to take full advantage of Wifi hotspots at hotels and cafes, or even better, purchase a local SIM card and data plan.

If you have intermittent access to the internet, perhaps because of flights, then make sure you always have a stoploss in place for all your trades.


Since you don’t want to spend too much time browsing the markets, it is a good idea to prepare a simple watchlist beforehand. For me, I usually focus on about 20+ forex/commodity pairs, so that I can scroll through all of them quickly in a few minutes with my mobile phone to look for any good trading opportunities.

And since I won’t be taking many trades, I can choose the best of the best trades, which means that I can focus only the very best setups that I see. When you see an AWESOME setup, it should jump out of the chart and right in your face, and you should feel the rush of adrenaline and excitement to take the trade. If you have to squint at the chart and think thrice about whether it is a good trade, then I would suggest you just let it go.


If you are on the move, then obviously you won’t have time to be staring at the charts all day, which means you should not be using smaller timeframe charts like the 5-minute or 15-minute charts. Actually, I won’t recommend using anything less than a 1-hour timeframe.

By using longer timeframes (1-hour, 4-hour, daily), it means that you only need to check the charts at very infrequent intervals, such as every hour, every 4 hours, or once a day. This way, you do not have to constantly worry or stress about your positions, because your stops will naturally be wider (and your positions smaller), so you do not have to worry about the smaller market fluctuations.


Since you do not have to constantly monitor the market, this means that you only have to periodically check and update your positions. You can easily do this by utilising the “wasted” pockets of time that you have throughout the day.

For example, when you are waiting for a bus/taxi/mrt/plane/train, or waiting for your ordered food to arrive, instead of playing some mindless mobile app game or reading random articles of facebook, why not open up your trading app and place some trades instead? This way, you can make some additional income with your spare pockets of time.


Lastly, by leveraging on other good traders, I can learn from their trades and hone my skills as a trader.

I will be back in Singapore in about another week, and I look forward to seeing you all at my next “Trading Foundation Workshop”, where I can share more about my travel adventures and some of the trades I made while travelling.
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See you soon! 😀

The Travelling Trader is Heading Off to Country Number 47 & 48!

After much anticipation, I am setting off for my 3 week holiday to cover 3 countries (of which 2 are new), which is a well-deserved reward for a great year of trading, and also because I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights (fingers crossed).

I will continue to spend 15 minutes a day trading (to prepare for my next trip), and to support all my students who are also studying and working hard to improve their finances and enjoy life with their family and loved ones. Keep up the great work! 😀

To follow me on my adventures as I trade, travel and explore the world, feel free to follow me on Instragram and Facebook:

For those who have already reserved your place for the next “Trading Foundation Workshop”, don’t worry, as I will be back in time to conduct the training myself.

For those who have not, don’t miss the chance to kickstart your trading journey for a tiny investment of $25 (yes, I know it’s ridiculously cheap), and receive 3 hours of live training and 2 hours of online training.
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See you all soon! 😀

Spencer Turns 30 and Synapse Trading Turns 3!

Last Sunday, I finally concluded my 20s and ventured into the big 3-0. 😀

And just one month ago, Synapse Trading turned 3! #achievementunlocked

To celebrate this joyous occasion, I took a little boat trip with my friends and some of my students.

Thanks everyone for this surprise! ? #30isthenew20 #mynewboat

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I love the caption and the synapsetrading logo! ? Thanks for the cake! #matcha #bakersbrewstudio #synapsetrading

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Double birthday celebrations! What are the odds haha. ??? #sameday #boatparty #sentosa

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Because trading on land is so mainstream ? #tradingforliving #extremetrading #norisknogain

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Thank you everyone for making this an awesome day! 😀

Also, I want to thank everyone who has supported us all these years, from an unknown blog to an established training firm with hundreds of succesful graduates trading real accounts and making real money.

We have a lot more exciting stuff planned for the next few weeks (and also the next few years), so stay tuned, because we are going to transform the trading and training industry by raising the bar! 😀

The Travelling Trader: Travel Guide & Tips for Mount Kinabalu + Water Rafting

Last week, I went for a short 1 week trip to Sabah, for some hardcore adventure sports like mountain-climbing and whitewater rafting.

It was something I wanted to check off my bucket list before I hit 30 haha. 😀

In my previous blog post, I shared how I made a killing in the stock and forex market while I was travelling, so in this post, I will be sharing about my trip (the fun stuff) in greater detail.
Read post:

So, for those who are keen on pushing the limits, here is a rough log of my journey, peppered with some useful survival tips. Enjoy! 😀


Finally the real accommodations ???

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This is actually not that physically demanding, but the real boring part was having to travel about 4-5 hours (one way) just to reach the river. This meant we had to wake up at 5.00am to be able to catch the morning transport out.

Survival tip: Make sure you have strong teammates who can paddle hard. :p



Expect to get wet, very wet. But make sure you do not gulp any of the toxic brown water.

Survival tip: When attacked by a crocodile, aim for its eyes with your paddle.



For this adventure, it is strongly recommended to do some training (which I neglected), if you do not want to be struggling just to reach the top like I was.

For those who are not so fit, do not try to be HERO and carry your own stuff up (like I did). You can get the porters to help you for a small fee.

Survival tip: The less you bring, the less you have, but the less you have to lug up the damn mountain!


Timeline for the whole ordeal:

  • 6.20am – Bus pickup to travel to mountain base (2-3 hours)
  • 9.30am – Started the 6km climb to the top (3-8 hours depending on fitness, I took 6.5hrs)
  • 4.00pm – Reached the top just in time for the Ferrata briefing at Pandan Hut (our accommodation).
  • 6.00pm – Dinner & rest (optional: shower with cold water). Temperate here is about 10-15 degrees celsius.
  • 2.00am – Had a quick breakfast before heading off to scale the summit. Temperate is about 5 degress celsius.
  • 6.00am – Reached the summit just in time for the sunrise. Proceeded to rush off to the starting point for the Ferrata activity.
  • 7.30am – Experienced some minor earth tremors just as the activity was about to commence. Some people backed out. Delayed for about 30min.
  • 8.00am – Commenced the Ferrata activity, which included a 600m mountain-side scaling exercise, 300m jungle bashing, and 300m of climbing up a sloping mountain surface. After the activity ended, there is a roughly 1 hour staircase trek back to Pandan Hut.
  • 1.00pm – Had a quick lunch, and packed up my stuff to check out.
  • 2.00pm – Commenced the hike down the mountain to catch the last bus at 6pm. (3-6 hours)
  • 6.00pm – Made it just in time. Whew.

Roughly 36 hours of non-stop action! Yar, quite insane.


Away to Mordor! ? #MountKinabalu

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Make sure you get some good photos before you leave, because there won’t be any smiles for the next few hours.

2016-04-16 15.22.06 (6)Some cool pitcher plants. (See more in the full album link below!)

 2016-04-16 06.18.50Just in time to check out the markets. What can beat trading on a mountain top with the sun rising in the foreground? 😀

2016-04-16 07.40.13

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Trader’s Lifestyle Challenge: White Water Rafting + Conquering Mount Kinabalu!

Last night, I just completed a closed door training session for the Synapse Network, as part of our monthly workshops education series, where we went into the intricacies of forex trading and how to spot reversal setups in any market.

And today, I will be heading off to Sabah for a week of adventurous trading, where I will be risking my life while trading (if there is internet connection lol).
Feel free to follow my adventures on social media. 😀

Mount Kinabalu


First up, I will be doing white-water rafting at the Padas intermediate course, which I heard occasionally had crocodiles in the murky waters. Here is a video I found on Youtube:


Next, I will be attempting to scale Mount Kinabalu, which after some research appears a lot more challenging than I thought.

At 4000+ metres above sea level, there is a high chance of altitude sickness, considering I suffered headaches when I was climbing Machu Picchu at 3000+ metres 2 years back.

In addition, the final ascent is made at night, from 1am to 7am, in pitch black darkness, and the temperature can drop to as low as -3 to 5 degrees celsius. FML.


In my last blog post, I mentioned that this month has been pretty decent so far, and just one day of trading has managed to cover all the expenses for this trip.
Blog post:

I’m definitely looking forward to this next adventure as the “travelling trader“, and if I manage to get internet connection, I will be able to continue trading for 15 minutes a day.

Lastly, I will be kickstarting my BRAND NEW & FREE! educational workshops with exciting new content and my outlook on the market for the upcoming months. Advanced reservations are open for a small group of people as seats are limited, and for those who are fast, you can snap up your seats here:

See you all soon! 😀