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Forex Trading | EUR/USD – Taking the Big Swing

This afternoon, the EUR/USD had a failed probe which lead to a Big Swing. Using one of the simple behavioral analysis setups, I took 3 intraday swing trades which netted me $2366 profits during this 9 hours of trading. I have decided to take all my profits, as I prefer to go to sleep without having to worry about my positions. Tomorrow will be another fresh day for me to use these setups over and over again.

eurusd 270613 m5

Before I forget, the best part is I did not have to watch the screen all the time scrutinizing every minute or second, just to hope for a quick punt, rather I can plan and execute my trades at my own free time, and take some “big swings” at the golf driving range while waiting for my trades to play out. Remember, trading is not a gamble or a quick punt, it is a professional game, and a special lifestyle. Cheers!

2013-06-26 16.30.53-2