How to Trade Explosive Price Moves with the “Cup & Handle” Pattern

The “cup and handle” pattern is a accumulation pattern that is rarely seen, but can lead to powerful explosive moves once the pattern is completed.

What is the best way to trade this pattern so that you can enter on low risk, and still capture the large moves without having the risk of getting stopped out too early?

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Have You Seen this Rare “Expanding Triangle” Pattern?

The expanding triangle is one of those rare chart patterns which we seldom see, so many traders are unsure how to react upon seeing them.

But when you do find them, they provide great trading opportunities for high reward and low risk trades.

So, what are the 3 main strategies to tackle this chart pattern?

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How to Tackle the “Big 3” Triangle Chart Patterns

Have you stared impatiently at the price going sideways on the chart and wondered when would be a good time to take a position?

The triangle pattern is one of the most common consolidation patterns, but it can be tricky to time it correctly, especially if you are not able to distinguish between the 3 different types of triangles.

In this video, I share 2 trading strategies and many useful tips on how to tackle this chart pattern, and add it to your list of profitable trading patterns!

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Strategy Guide for Head & Shoulders Reversal Pattern

This reversal pattern is one of the most powerful patterns, yet it is also surprisingly easy to spot.

If you want to avoid major market crashes, and learn how to buy near market bottoms, then you will definitely want to master this pattern!

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Strategy Guide to Trading the Double Top & Bottom Reversal Chart Pattern

The double top and double bottom pattern is one of the most common chart reversal patterns, which can help you identify major market tops & bottoms.

In this video tutorial, I share 3 practical trading strategies you can use to profit from this pattern, and also some of the common “textbook” mistakes that new traders make when trying to tackle this chart pattern.

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