Portfolio Updates (July 2014) – Increased Diversification to Reduce Risk

After the STI broke to new highs this month, there were many good trading opportunities for the SG market, and since I didn’t want to increase my long-term stock holdings at this point of time, I used CFDs to swing trade and capture the price movements, while at the same time keeping my capital liquid and keeping risk low.

Here are some stock trades we did:

We also diversified into Forex swing trades to increase cashflow:


Portfolio Current Holdings:

Here are my current holdings as at the end of July 2014:

Synapse Trading Portfolio Updates July 2014

Synapse Trading Portfolio Updates July 2014



Portfolio Updates (June 2014) – The Art of Hedging

For the rebalancing this month, we have increased our hedge slightly to take into account a potential correction in the month ahead.



There were major capital gains from Global Invacom and Gold, but no dividend payouts this month.

We acquired some shares of Pan United and ARA Asset Management for long-term growth potential, and OUE REIT for a 7-8% passive yield.

Overall, equities look toppish but the market has yet to confirm it. We will continue to monitor, and may take profits off some stocks to ready our war chest by increasing our cash holdings.

Stay tuned till next month! 😀

Portfolio Updates Jun 2014 2

Portfolio Updates Jun 2014 1



Portfolio Updates (March 2014) – Swing Trading Bonanza!

Last month was quite an exciting month, with the markets lying quietly for the large part, before exploding upwards towards the end of the month. This could have been due to window dressing, or the seasonality factor. http://synapsetrading.com/2011/06/market-seasonality-and-statistics/



I have taken quite a bit of profits from the recent big moves, and I am now holding in mainly in cash for the next big opportunity, seeing how the STI is nearing one of the major TP zones. The US market, on the other hand, is once again breaking to new highs, and this move could easily continue for the next few weeks.

Near the start of the strong run on the 26th of March, I posted some SCREAMING BUYS in the Synapse Network forum (see below), and all of these have surged up magnificently since the posting.   And I post these updates EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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portfolio updates march 2014

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