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SGX Exclusive Interview | StockWhiz Trader Profiling


Recently, I got profiled for the SGX StockWhiz Online Investing Competition, and was asked to share some of his experiences with the participants:

  • What are some trading strategies that you would like to share?
  • What are the key elements of successful trading?
  • How do you decide which financial instruments to trade?
  • What are some educational resources you would recommend?
  • Who would you consider to be your trading mentor?

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Tips for your Resume: How I Managed to Land a Job With the Big Boys

The point of a resume is to provide your future employer or headhunter a glimpse of your achievements and skill sets, and the purpose of this is to stand out sufficiently, so as to get an opportunity for an interview.


After looking through many resumes and talking to many employers, I have a pretty good idea of what they are looking out for, and what should be avoided in your resume. Here are some of my personal guidelines:

If you have any additional tips to share, feel free to add them in the comments below.
Good luck! 😀

Lunch with Jim Rogers

Yesterday, I attended the Shares Investment Conference, and here are some insights I got from the talks, as well as from chatting up the speakers during the private VVIP lunch session.

Insights from Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers is a very charismatic speaker, sharing not only market wisdom, but also wisdom on living life to the fullest. He had tons of interesting travel stories to share (especially since he travelled around the world).

He is bearish on the US and European markets, for obvious reasons, at least throughout 2013 and 2014. He also talked about a possible bond bubble in the forming, especially in the longer term.

For his portfolio, he is short on US stocks, and has large holdings in Singapore stocks. He is also buying up china stocks (during a crash), expecting a long-term bull for China, at the same time also accumulating the RMB. Other up-and-coming investments include Myanmar and N. Korea, which are starting to show some signs of opening up.

His most bullish sentiments lie in the commodities sector, especially in the area of agriculture. He spoke of cycles of supply and demand for these markets, such as natural resources, land, and commodities. Hence this new cycle is expected to usher in a new era of prosperity for farmers. If one is interested to invest in US real estate, he recommends areas like Iowa and Texas.

On a non market-related note, Jim says that the most important thing is to find your passion in life and do it, then you will never have to work a single day in your life. Trust your heart, and don’t let others discourage you. He ends off by suggesting that investors study philosophy and history, the former to teach us how to think, and the latter to help us draw from the past to cope in a world that is ever-changing.

Insights from Mike Bellafiore

Mike is a famous proprietary trader in New York, and the trading firm he started, SMB Capital, is now one of the top trading firms in New York. He was featured in the famous TV series, Wallstreet Warriors.

Mike started off the talk by stating upfront that there is no need to predict the market in order to make money. He said that many professional when asked will not be able to give a view on the market, simply because it is not necessary to have a view on the market to make money.

When training his new traders, he tells them not to dwell on a losing trade, and instead focus more on the winning trades. One should not celebrate a trade simply because one has made money on it. One should be asking “could I have made more on this trade? Did I manage the trade well such that I got the most out of it?”

When asked about his views on high-frequency trading (HFT), he said that it resulted in more whipsaws, and stops getting taken out more frequently, but the way to go around that was to be ready to re-enter a position upon getting stopped out, and using a time filter to aid in this decision-making.

Someone in the audience asked him what parameters he used for his indicators, to which he replied that he preferred not to use indicators at all. This got me sitting up in my seat, because I had been telling my students the same thing. He said that newbies tended to get bogged down by indicators, but professional prefer to use a blank chart to read the psychology of the market. In fact, the messier one’s chart is, the more likely he has no idea what he is doing.

Over lunch, he shared with me some useful tips on starting a trading firm, and I am very grateful that he is willing to share his experience so generously. Overall, I had a great time at this conference, and I would like to thank the speakers and organisers for the great insights and excellent lunch!

Open Seminar at City Index: The Most Important Candlestick Pattern

On Saturday, we had another full-house seminar on candlestick patterns. It was conducted at City Index, as part of our collaboration with them. Besides covering the basic patterns, we delved deeper into blended candles, and talked about the most important candlestick pattern – the universal candle pattern. 

Do stay tuned for more of our educational series of free seminars, where we will be covering various trading topics. Thanks for all your feedback and support!

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The Synapse Program – Full House!

Last weekend, we concluded another successful run of our 2-day program, adding another batch of new traders to our community. We had a mixture of new and old traders, as well as some previous batches of graduates sitting-in and helping out by providing useful feedback and asking relevant questions that I may have overlooked.


To the new traders, remember that application and practice is what it takes to make you a great trader! Do not waste the skills you have acquired – treasure them, use them, and perfect them.

It was a great weekend for me, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best, and thanks for your kind feedback and tesimonials. We will use these to further improve the program.


“Useful for beginners and has helped me understand/know some of the terms/concepts in trading. Overall, flow is good and the essence of trading is covered well. Finally can understand your posting on the forum.”
– Mr. Koh

“Spencer is a young but very experienced trader. His program is value for money. Great for beginners and experienced traders.”
– Kelvin Ang

“A very structured, objective syllabus and system. Good for both beginners and advanced traders.”
– Joshua Leong (Entrepreneur)

“Good description of how to enter and exit the various setups.”
– Chris

“A very casual course with a good learning curve. Easy to understand explanations and a good follow-up program with the discussion forum.”
– Randall Ong

“Content was easy to follow and relevant, executable in the immediate future.”
– Andrew Lim (Royal Bank of Scotland)

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