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Open Seminar at CIMB Securities: The X-Factor in Trading

Last week, we have an open seminar at CIMB Securities to share about what it takes to be a professional trader. We started off with the different attributes required of a trader, then delved into our trading style, before ending off with a market outlook and stock picks.

As it was a full house event, we apologise if some of you could not make it this time. Since the response was rather good, we might consider having more of such seminars for the public in the future. Do sign up for our mailing list to stay informed! 


As we mentioned during the seminar, they keyword of the day is “SHORT”. I hope that all participants have a better idea of how we use price action to understand the past, anticipate the future, and trade in the present. Remember: only take a position just as a significant move is about to take place!

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Private Trading Workshop | Guest Speaker at TRT (Traders Round Table)

Today, we gave an exclusive seminar to the members of TRT (Traders Round Table), where we focused more on trading psychology since the audience consisted of mostly experienced traders. We also had time to go through some candlestick patterns from a psychological perspective, and some examples to illustrate the limitations of candlesticks in price action trading. 

Due to time contraints (the talk stretched over 2.5 hrs) , we did not have much time to discuss the markets, but below is a snippet of the Singapore markets.

Ascending triangle spotted on the Straits Times Index. Is it going to be “sell in May and go away”, or a breakout to new highs? Let’s keep a close watch on that key level, and watch for a major pivot which could start the new big move.

Thanks for the support, and stay tuned for our future seminars!

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The Synapse Program Q2 2012 – Pioneer Batch!

A warm welcome to the new members of our community!

Over the past weekend, you have learnt the tools of price action, volume and psychology, as well as a variety of setups for different market conditions. We hope everyone has gained insights and knowledge to take your trading to the next level.

Based on the feedback we got, we will be making minor modifications to the program structure to improve the flow, and will be adding in more practical sessions and chart examples in the Synapse Workbook.




This weekend marks the start of your trading journey. Hence, we urge all new traders to participate actively in the forum to improve their skills, and at the same time benefit by helping one another.


“Very satisfied. Definitely improve my knowledge on price action and decision-making.”
– Alvin Lim

“Syllabus is good and easy for beginners to follow. Trainer Spencer is young but very knowledgeable and experienced in price action analysis.”
– Mr. Ang

“The techniques taught are very flexible and can work for all markets, like stocks, forex, etc. I am very impressed.”
– Justin Cheong

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Private Trading Workshop | Guest Speaker at STATS (Singapore Technical Analysts & Traders Society)

Today, we were invited to give an exclusive seminar to the members of STATS (Singapore Technical Analysts & Traders Society), where we shared our prototype of the Trader Blueprint. With a focus on price action and psychology, we shared how to nurture a new trader into a professional via our blueprint for success.

This included 7 important attributes starting with the letter “M”, which are all required to become an excellent trader.

  1. Masterplan
  2. Market
  3. Method
  4. Money
  5. Mindset
  6. Mastery
  7. Mentoring 

Many people spend their whole lives searching for the holy grail of trading, but fail to realise that the method is merely one of the 7 M’s. That is why we created an all-rounded program to focus not just on a proven methodology, but also include the other aspects of trading.

Stay tuned for our upcoming seminars!

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