EUR/SGD – going down, down, down…

The Euro is going down, and is showing extremely weak technicals, which underlie the festering Greece debt fundamental problems. This is the first test of the 20-EMA after staying away for quite a long time, showing the bearish pressure. It also coincides with a breakout below the support of 1.92 and a pullback. On an unrelated note, it seems that my holiday here in Europe is getting cheaper and cheaper. I will be timing my exchange of SGD to EUR near the support levels.

S&P 500 – new highs after breaking out of inverted H&S | Technical Analysis | Stock Indices

After completing an inverted H&S, the S&P 500 has proceeded to make new highs. Judging by the numerous strong white bars, the upward pressure is quite strong. It might be a good idea to go long on a pullback, perhaps on a test of the breakout to new highs. On a side note, I will be heading to Budapest this weekend. 

Ezra – 2nd leg of markup after flag breakout | Technical Analysis | Singapore Stocks

I just returned to home base in Warsaw (Poland) after a weekend trip to Krakow, which is known for the Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps and the Wieliczka Salt mines. It was an awesome place, and the tram party was particularly memorable. Here is one of the open positions I had over the weekend.

Ezra has formed a double/triple bottom followed by a pullback, which created a higher low. This also coincided with a test of both the EMAs. More recently, Ezra has broken out of the bull flag, which likely suggests a 2nd leg of markup by the BB, making a test of the previous highs.

Yanlord – scalping the rebound | Technical Analysis | Singapore Stocks

Yanlord is nearing the top of both channels, and exhibiting bearish candle signs, thus setting up a high probability and high R/R short-term trade. The next line of defense for shorts is the old resistance around 2.12. If you look back, you can see that the inverse H&S near the bottom of the channel gave an excellent long trade signal.

Golden Agri – Follow-up on long positions | Technical Analysis | Singapore Stocks

Following up from my previous post (, golden-agri has had a strong climatic breakout, which may follow up with some pause bars due to it being overdone. I will be taking 50% of my profits at 0.62, where I am expecting profit taking by the SM.