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How to Read Price Charts in 15 Seconds

When looking at a chart, sometimes we have to make snap judgments, as any delay could result in price moving away from your ideal entry point, and resulting in you missing out on a good trade. If you are using many indicators and complex software, it could take many minutes or even hours just to […]

How Much Buffer Should I Use for Stoploss?

When placing a stoploss, one of the biggest struggles traders face is deciding how much risk to take, and how much buffer to use. If your stoploss it too wide, you end up increasing your risk too much. But if your stoploss is too tight, you end up getting stopped out even if you are […]

Invited to Speak in Singapore at “SMART Expo 2018”

Tomorrow, I have been invited to speak at the “SMART Investment & International Property Expo” in Singapore, and I will be sharing some of the new initiatives that I have been working on. Date: 22 September 2018 Venue: Hall A, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, MBS Singapore Speaking slot: 13:00pm to 13:45pm Topic: Trading Strategies You […]

Radio Interview with Money FM 89.3 – How I Retired at 28

Last Monday, I was invited by Money FM 89.3 to do a radio interview to share my trading journey and how I build up my portfolio from scratch to retire at 28, while trading & travelling to over 50 countries.   View this post on Instagram   Thanks for inviting me to do a radio […]

How Much Capital Do I Need to Start Trading?

For new traders looking to start out their journey, what is the minimum amount of capital you will need to start trading? What is the optimal amount of capital you should use to ensure that you take your trading seriously? And lastly, does it make sense to start out with demo trading? Enjoy the video! […]