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Yanlord – great shorting opportunity | Technical Analysis | Singapore Stocks

Yanlord is at the top of the down-sloping channel, and has set up a 2nd entry short via a lower high. Volume is strong, and one is cautious that the previous long black bar may be overdone, it is more prudent to wait for a small pullback for a lower risk entry. I tried adding […]

Straits Times Index – new highs after deep pullback | Technical Analysis | Stock Indices

  I just returned from Italy, and it’s good to see that the STI has made new highs. If I have time, I will respond to the numerous email requests I have received, but no promises. I will be looking for stocks to go long.

Straits Times Index (STI) – Swing counts are all you need to catch the trends | Technical Analysis | Stock Indices

To be honest, it’s actually possible to trade by just counting swings, but it takes experience. From basic TA teachings, an uptrend is formed by higher highs and higher low, while a downtrend is formed by lower highs and lower lows. This gives us an easy way to identify a trend immediately. However, the tricky […]

Straits Asia – successful breakout heading for 2.30 | Technical Analysis | Singapore Stocks

After a forming a higher low, it seems that the H&S has failed, and in addition price has gone above the 20-EMA and 50-EMA. Also, price has broken out of the symmetrical triangle, and at the same time breaking through the resistance at 2.10 and closing strongly.

EUR/SGD – going down, down, down…

The Euro is going down, and is showing extremely weak technicals, which underlie the festering Greece debt fundamental problems. This is the first test of the 20-EMA after staying away for quite a long time, showing the bearish pressure. It also coincides with a breakout below the support of 1.92 and a pullback. On an […]