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How to Grow a Strong Tribe Through Sound Business Principles & Integrity

Last week, I had the privilege to attend a 7-day training program in Johor to learn from Bill Allen, David Neenan, and the legendary Marshall Thurber. It was a great time making new friends, learning (so many amazing individuals here!), and reflecting on turning 31 (on the first day of the course) this year. Last […]

An Exciting Week of Trades – AUD/CHF, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, etc!

Last week, we had some pretty decent trades in, netting close to US$2,000 in profits for a handful of quick trades, riding on the strength of the USD after the FOMC. Great way to start the week with some forex #profits! 💪😄 Will be closing some positions to take profit before the weekend. Looks like […]

GBP/USD – Predicting the Big Short (And Cashing Out Big Profits on it!)

Last week, the Pound suffered its steepest daily fall of 2017 after a shock election result denied any party a majority in parliament days before Brexit negotiations begin. Source: The Telegraph Thankfully, our Synapse Network came fully prepared to profit from this move! 😀 Here is a highlight of the early prediction given by Spencer several days […]

Trading Mastery Program (TMP) – Batch Q2 2017 is Ready to Transform their Lifestyle!

Last week, we concluded another exciting run of our “Trading Mastery Program”, where we imparted our powerful “lifestyle trading” strategies to empower another batch of traders to create a 2nd source of income from the forex markets by spending 15 minutes a day. Was really hoping to retire but had such an overwhelming response! And 17 […]

Live Trade Follow-up: GBP/JPY Short Trade US$1086 in the Money!

Announcement: I will be taking a long break to focus on my trading and coaching of existing students (as well as several new exciting projects), but before that I will be conducting one last session of the “Trading Foundation workshop” on 18 May 2017 and the last run this quarter of the “Trading Mastery Program” on 27 & 28 May 2017. […]