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Hi, Spencer here, and welcome to my blog! 😀

Many, many years ago when I was a poor college student, my dream was to travel the world, to experience every country, and to see all the wonders of the world. So I worked hard as a straight-A student and graduated with double degrees and various certifications.

However, I soon realised that a typical 9-to-5 job does not pay that well, plus being chained to my desk meant that I would not have much opportunity to travel. Thankfully, on the side, I had been honing a secret skill, a skill which would come to play a major role in my financial well-being.

That skill was the ability to read charts and understand the financial markets. And I had spent over 10,000 hours working on it, having read 200+ books and checked out every course and online resource I could get my hands on.

All these paid off when I got head-hunted by proprietary and private equity funds to trade for them, and this gave me very valuable insights on how the big funds and institutions have a large advantage over retail traders. (If you play their game blindly.)

I discovered one big secret, or rather, one big myth that has been perpertuated by the media to the disadvantage of retail traders. The big myth is that the more time you spend trading (or staring at the screen), the more profits you are going to make.

In the past, traders may have had to spend hours monitoring charts because of a lack of technology and many things were done manually. But this is no longer true in the age of machine learning and mobile technology.

This led me to focus on the edge that retail traders had, which was the medium-term trend that was most suited to swing trading. From there, I created and refined my uniquely efficient trading strategies which allowed me to spend just 15 minutes a day trading, from any time and any place using my mobile phone.

This was perfect for me to use while travelling, and perfect for most of my students who were trading part-time and had their day jobs.

Today, I have been trading for more than 10 years, and everything that I’ve accomplished so far, the real estate properties I’ve acquired, the businesses I own, the traveling that I’ve done, the financial freedom I enjoy, I owe it all to trading.

I am very thankful for all the abundance I have been blessed with, and would like to share it with anyone who is willing to put in the hard work to learn this sacred art. Hence, I started this blog to document all my knowledge and experience, striving to create the most comprehensive database of educational materials for everyone to access.

Having travelled to 50+ countries while accruing followers from all over the world, and having the opportunity to speak to thousands of people at live events, I am glad that my life work is having a positive impact on people around the world.

I hope that through my large database of educational videos, online mentoring, and workshops, you will master the art of profitable trading, which will allow you to retire early and travel the world with your friends and family as well!

“To date, the company [Synapse Trading] has provided financial education to over a million people worldwide through its articles, videos and seminars.” – ABC News, CBS News, NBC, FOX News

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