Radio Interview with Money FM 89.3 – How I Retired at 28

Last Monday, I was invited by Money FM 89.3 to do a radio interview to share my trading journey and how I build up my portfolio from scratch to retire at 28, while trading & travelling to over 50 countries.


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Thanks for inviting me to do a radio interview! #sph #moneyfm893

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Thanks for the invitation, and I look forward to sharing again! 😀

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Spencer is an avid globetrotter who made his first million at 28, spending just 15 minutes a day trading while travelling across 50+ countries. From there, he started building a diversified portfolio of stocks, REITs, ETFs, properties, and businesses.


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    • Spencer Li
      Spencer Li says:

      Value investing or Buy-and-hold only works during the early/mid bull market, whereas now we are in the late stage of the bull market. Personally, I prefer to keep things simple, because using TA, I only need to use TA which works for all market stages, whereas for FA, I need to spend hours doing analysis, and then I still have to use TA for confirmation, so it is a lot of double work involved.


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