SGX Singapore Stocks: SATS – A 10% Gain in 1 Month from Swing Trade!

This is a good example of swing trade on SATS, which was flagged out by the Synapse Stock Screener Software, leading to a 10% gain in 1 month.

SATS 070916 singapore stocks

This trade was posted in our private Synapse Network form, which is where all our Synapse Program graduates gather to trade together.

The entry was given by the green arrow (buy signal), with an Entry price (EP) of $4.39, Stoploss price (SL) of $4.25, and Target price (TP) of $4.80. This was a good trade, with an upside of 2-3 times the downside.


After the profit target was hit, it seemed that another entry was possible.

Stay tuned for further updates! 😀

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Spencer Li is a self-made millionaire trader & investor, who achieved financial freedom at 27, having to date accumulated a diversified portfolio of properties, stocks, REITs, and 10+ businesses across different industries. As a professional trader, he has over 10 years of market experience, and has been featured on more than 20 occasions in the media.


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