Special NEW Launch Promotion: “Trading Foundation Workshop” for only $15! (Usual price $25) – Offer ends 31 July 2016!

To thank all our readers and supporters, we will be officially launching our BRAND NEW product, the “Trading Foundation Workshop”!

This is in line with our mission to continue providing quality education based on real trading skills and techniques used by professional traders and investors worldwide.

foundation workshop training

Drawing from the training materials I used for my ShareInvestor and SGX workshops, I will be conducting a special “Trading Foundation Workshop”, where I will cover the essential skills & strategies needed to get started, and also all the major mistakes to avoid. These strategies work for all markets, including stocks (global), forex, CFDs, indices, commodities, etc.

This 3 hour workshop will also include training notes and slides, case studies, a customised trading plan, and an additional 120 mins of exclusive videos you can keep. I would like to invite all new traders & investors, as well as anyone who hasn’t been able to achieve consistent returns in the financial markets, to join me LIVE for this special training workshop. Seats are very limited, so reserve early to avoid disappointment!

Find out more about the workshop: http://synapsetrading.com/trading-foundation-workshop/
Find out more about the videos: http://synapsetrading.com/burning-questions-compilation


The discount code is “REALTRADE“, and you will receive a $10 discount on your purchase, reducing your workshop investment to $15 instead of $25.
Here is the direct registration link: https://www.xfers.io/item/foundationworkshop



Do note that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend our trainings at such a steeply discounted price, and it is best to register early before all the seats are sold out, since this is based on a first-come, first-serve basis for our limited number of slots.

I look forward to a solid 3-hours of intensive training to help you kickstart your trading and investing journey, so see you soon! 😀

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About the author

Spencer Li is a trader, investor and entrepreneur who currently manages his own portfolio of stocks, REITs, currencies, cryptocurrencies, properties, and businesses. As a former professional in private equity and proprietary funds, he has over 10 years of market experience, and has been featured on more than 20 occasions in the media. As an international speaker and avid globetrotter, he has travelled to over 50 countries to spread his knowledge.


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