Top 5 Investment Ideas for 2016 – Are You Ready?

happy new year
First off, we would like to wish all readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we hope your 2015 has been an awesome and bountiful year!

For the upcoming year, there will be many interesting opportunities, and the key is to build up a strong portfolio that will continue to perform well for years to come. Without further ado, let’s get down to the top 5 investment ideas for 2016:

1. Build up your War Chest

Cash Is King
The strategy for 2016 is to play defensive rather than be aggressive, as most asset classes will be under-performing, hence the saying “Cash is King” actually does make some sense in such a climate.

With the recently increasing interest rates, loans and interest payments will continue to get more expensive, so it makes sense to try and pay off your outstanding loans and debts.

The next step is to accumulate your war chest, by selectively investing in the right products, while at the same time holding sufficient cash on hand to capture new opportunities as they surface throughout the year.

In other words, do not be too eager to dump all your cash into investments all at once.


2. Be cautious of fixed income products

interest rates
No that the trend of interest rates have changed, and are coming up from an all-time low, this might spell the end of the 30-year bull market for bonds. Hence, I will only be allocating a very small portion of my portfolio to this.

The only exception to this is if you are planning to purchase a fixed income product (such as a bond) with the intention of holding it to maturity, and you are contented with the fixed yield that this product is giving you. In other words, you are not expecting any capital appreciation gains.

3. Invest in the Right Currencies

usdsgd 261215
With the US being the first to raise interest rates, we can expect the USD to strengthen against most other currencies, such as the Euro, Pound, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, and the Asian currencies (including the SGD).

This is especially likely since countries like the EU, UK, Australia, New Zealand are still planning to cut rates or have some similar operations that will continue to weaken their respective currencies.

Major funds are also likely to divert their funds into investments denominated in the USD, causing an outflow of funds from the Asian markets, which will negatively impact both the currencies and stock markets of these countries.

Hence, in the medium/long-term, I would prefer to be long the USD, or have net long exposure to it.

4. Focus on the Global Stock Market

Earlier this month, I did a post to forecast the movements on the Singapore stock market (Straits Times Index), and it did not look pretty.

Now compare that to this chart of the S&P 500 representing the US Stock market. This definitely looks more bullish, doesn’t it?

S&p 500 261215

For lazy investors like me, you can gain exposure to the US stock market simply by purchasing a low-cost ETF such as the SPY, and it will give you exposure to the USD as well.

For those who are willing to go one step further, you can check out the SPDR sector ETFs to pick out the stronger sectors, such as technology and healthcare. I will be looking into this during my next monthly portfolio update.

5. Commodities could be the dark horse

gsg 261215 commodities
Commodities have taken quite a beating for the past few years, especially oil, due to a combination of political and macro-economic factors. In addition, a bullish USD is not good for commodities as well. That is why many analysts have been very bearish on commodities, including Gold, Silver, Copper, etc.

All asset classes move in cycles, and I believe that commodities will not stay down forever. In fact, this might be a good time to accumulate them on the cheap. My general strategy for this is to gradually accumulate more of these using diversified ETFs (such as GSG) as they fall lower, which is also part of my portfolio rebalancing strategy, and I am prepared to wait 3-5 years for them to appreciate in value when the cycle changes.

Of course, it would be a bonus if they start to turn up earlier within 2016.

<<< Special Bonus for the New Year! >>>

We hope that you have enjoyed this article, and are psyched up to start tackling the market in 2016. As an extra bonus, we have included some ways in which you can generate additional sources of passive income to build up your war chest and grow your portfolio faster.

1. Free seminar on how to get started

National Achievers Congress NAC 2015
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daily trade alerts 181215

Since the launch of our daily trade alerts for stocks, forex and indices in June this year (about 5+ months), we have had 36 winning trades, 9 losing trades, and 10 trades that broke even, while trading just 15 minutes a day. Considering that each winning trade can potentially make 2-5x of each losing trade, this is an extremely bountiful year for us, and those who followed our trades.

We will continue to strive for excellence, and improve on this in 2016. We look forward to you joining us in our profitable and stress-free trading journey by applying this 15 Minute System.

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3. New Fund trading opportunity!

Fund Trading Opportunity 2
As a final bonus, we will be having a brand new fund trading opportunity which we will kickstart in 2016, where there are zero joining fees, funds will be provided, and there will be a lucrative profit sharing scheme. This is perfect for those who do not have much capital or are just starting out, and you can generate an additional stream of income while not risking your own capital.

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Next year is going to be the year which our passive income is going to explode massively, not just for me, but for all my students and those who are hungry for success. Wishing you all the best in your financial success for 2016!

P.S. If you found this article useful, please share it with a friend who is interested in getting started in investing! 😀

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Spencer Li is a trader, investor and entrepreneur who currently manages his own portfolio of stocks, REITs, currencies, cryptocurrencies, properties, and businesses. As a former professional in private equity and proprietary funds, he has over 10 years of market experience, and has been featured on more than 20 occasions in the media. As an international speaker and avid globetrotter, he has travelled to over 50 countries to spread his knowledge.


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