Swing Trading Strategies: How to Profit from the Stock Market with 15 minutes a day + Stock Picks

swing trading strategiesLast Saturday, I was invited as a guest speaker and panelist to share my swing trading strategies and stock picks, alongside other SGX Academy veterans such as Wong Kon How and Robin Ho.

Being the youngest certified SGX trainer at 28, I was honoured for this opportunity, and excited at the same that Synapse Trading is taking the next leap forward by working closely with SGX to help raise the level of financial education in Singapore, and ensure quality training.





Launch of NEW Stock Market Mastery Course:

In collaboration with SGX, we have launched a new training course, which we have limited to 20 participants for the first intake. From what we heard, almost all the seats are filled, but they might be opening a few more if they are able to get a larger room, so do register early if you are keen!

The Stock Market Mastery Course focuses on the stock market, covering the A-to-Z of stocks, making it suitable for those who are new in the stock market, or those who have completed the flagship training program and would like to focus on the stock market.

It covers both the technical and fundamentals of stocks, and well as other related products like ETFs and REITs, making it very relevant for both traders and investors.


sgx academy stock market mastery course

If you want to find out more about our training programs and courses, or get the latest stock picks, you can drop by for our next 2-hour free seminar:


Stock Picks in front of a LIVE! Audience:

During the event, I ran the Synapse Stock Screener and used it to pick out the best stocks in less than 5 minutes. Here are some of the things we looked out for:




This counter (YuuZoo) was featured in my portfolio, and during the lunch break, one lady asked me why I recently acquired this counter. I told her that I was expecting a bounce very soon, and true enough, we saw that bounce on Monday morning!

afc 180515 yuuzoo


Q&M Dental was another counter that I have been advocating in all my seminars, including at Invest Global 2015 where I shared the stage with Jim Rogers, and I have also been posting it in my private forum for my students. I will let the results speak for itself! 😀

synapse forum 180515 1

synapse forum 180515 2

qc7 180515 Q&M

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Spencer is an avid globetrotter who has been trading, travelling & teaching across 50+ countries, making his first million at 28 and amassing over 300k followers worldwide. As a former professional in private equity and proprietary funds, he has over 10 years of market experience, and has been featured on more than 20 occasions in the media.


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