Monthly Portfolio Update & Current Holdings for April 2015

For this month, the main focus has been a shifting of funds from investing to trading, so as to achieve more spectacular returns over a shorter period of time; and through a diversification of various trading styles, minimise the risk and volatility of the returns, so as to collect stable monthly passive income.

Currently, we have 2 Forex accounts and 1 CFD account, and we are planning to add another CFD account. We have also added a US Stocks trading account to start dabbling in the US markets, as well as a SG Stocks trading account to start testing our new intraday stock contra strategies by using the Synapse Stock Screener.

Since REITs do not seem to have much more upside, we are planning to liquidate and take profits from our REITs collection, and put these new funds to good use by purchasing some cheap counters.

We have already picked out the top 3 picks from the commodities and O&G sector respectively, and we will reveal them next month in our portfolio. Stay tuned! 🙂

I am glad to announce that together with my students in the LIVE! Trading Groups for stocks and forex, we have achieved fantastic returns for the month, and my personal portfolio has increased by a net profit of $19,969 for this month of April.

Keep up the good work, and strive for even better returns next month! Cheers! 😀

Revealed: Full Portfolio Current Holdings!

Here are my current holdings as at the end of April 2015:
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Looking back, it is really amazing how I managed to build this passive income portfolio which provides me a consistent 5-figure monthly passive income simply by changing my mindset and using the strategies to make my money work for me, instead of exchanging my time for money.

I hope that through my blog sharing, I can help more people achieve early financial freedom, and live the lifestyle you deserve! :D

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Spencer Li is a trader, investor and entrepreneur who currently manages his own portfolio of stocks, REITs, currencies, cryptocurrencies, properties, and businesses. As a former professional in private equity and proprietary funds, he has over 10 years of market experience, and has been featured on more than 20 occasions in the media. As an international speaker and avid globetrotter, he has travelled to over 50 countries to spread his knowledge.

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